Focusing on the Right Fix in Your Golf Swing

14th Hole Roundel Glen

“Can’t see the forest for the trees!”

Most golfers are fixers or at least we think we are. We have a tendency to tinker with all parts of golf swing because we think that a tweak here and a tweak there is exactly what we need. Unfortunately, as the above quote suggests that many of us are too involved in the details of a problem to look at the entire situation.

Not focusing on the right fix, adjusting our golf swing can cause a domino effect of challenges. Most of us like to jump in and change something because it lets us think we are making progress and improving. However, I would suggest steaming ahead without looking at the whole process is folly. The holistic approach is critical to identifying the ‘root cause’ to any swing challenges Continue reading

Stretching Your Success Mindset in Golf

I am always amazed by the mental aspects of golf. There are many different approaches to improving our success mindset in golf, however all these choices just complicate the issue for me. I constantly try to make positive steps towards my ultimate golf goal and sometimes I forget the simple things that make all the difference between moving forward or stagnating.

Not seeing the forest for the trees is debilitating for a golfer. We have so many thoughts racing through our minds when playing and practicing, that I a surprised any positive golf thoughts can make it through the white noise! I have talked about creating a winning mindset before and as I grow as a player, I realize it is important to simplify my mental game to really be successful.  Continue reading