Challenging The Committee In A Golf Tournament

Have you ever played in a competition where you believe that the Committee’s decision was not best for overall event? I have played in two events where I challenged the Committee and won both times. Both challenges were based in the rules and what was best for the field. In both instances, I thought that speaking up was best for the overall integrity of the event and to ensure that the field were fairly represented. It was not easy, but I am glad that I stepped up.

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Protecting the Field in a Golf Tournament

The rules of golf have two distinct reasons for existence. The first is to level the playing field by requiring players to follow a standard set of rules applied equally across the board. The second is to allow playing partners to monitor and correct a breach if required. During a golf tournament, the second reason is called protecting the field. And that is exactly what Joel Dahmen did at the Quicken Loans tournament when he challenged Sung Kang’s interpretation of the rules. Dahmen was protecting the field! Continue reading