Learning To Hit A Punch Shot That Lowers Your Golf Scores

As an amateur, learning to properly hit a punch shot is important to keep our golf scores low. This type of shot is designed to fly close to the ground in order to avoid obstacles that would impede our progress. Generally, this takes for in the way of branches, because we hit a wayward shot, from trees that suddenly decided to get in our way. Regardless of the obstruction, learning to hit a punch shot is very important to ensure we can extricate our ball out of difficult situations with the least amount of strokes.

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Salt Creek Golf Links Course Review

I hit Salt Creek Golf Links yesterday with mixed results. We did not know what to expect and arrived with an open mind and a positive outlook. The sun was shining, the company was great and we were not working. How can things be bad, right!

We arrived early and were ready to play. My friend went into the Pro Shop as he booked Salt Creek on-line. Upon his arrival, he was dutifully informed that the front nine was closed because they were punching the greens. It was not a planned maintenance project, but it is what it is. The person working the desk said that front nine might be open at noon or we could play the back nine twice.  As a token for our inconvenience, she gave my friend a pass for nine holes some other time. So we decided to play the back nine twice.
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