Can You Tell If You Made A Great Golf Shot?

The most obvious tell of a great golf shot is the results. It is a tangle but metric that every golfer can identify. I would challenge aspiring golfers to open their focus, remove the blinders, and be open to other methods of what constitutes a great golf shot. It might will challenge some paradigms, yet it is worth exploring if we want to gain a deeper appreciation of our golf game. The challenge for many is the ‘how’ of noticing a great golf shot when the end results does not scream in our ears.

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Golf Is Just A Game

After watching “Trouble With The Curve” with Clint Eastwood, I was reminded of two important traits that can be transferred between sports. In this case it is baseball and golf. During the movie an aging baseball scout, who is visually impaired, is sent to assess a potential number one pick in the upcoming draft. As most armchair athletes know, this is a big deal and as such, mistakes cannot be made. As the movie unfolds, Eastwood finally offers some sage wisdom that is transferable to golf. Additionally, in the final scenes, a surprise character sums up an perfect approach to all sports. **Spoiler Alert: If you have not watched this movie and want too; I suggest you stop reading because there is some spoiler discussion below**

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That Special Sound at Contact

There are many influences on a golf shot. It seems as if every player can tell when they or their playing partner hits a good ball. Sometimes it is the ball flight, other times they wait for it to stop, and yet without fail, there is a sound upon contact that catches everyone’s attention. It is a pure sound and everyone knows it when you hear it. Continue reading