Play Better Golf – Starting With My Putting

I can say that my game is starting to improve. This is no surprise given the time of year, yet there is one area where I am every please with and hope it continues. That is my putting. I have a solid feel for the greens and have only a few 3-putts this year. This is a great thing because my touch on the greens will only get better.

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A Putting Tip By Annika Sörenstam

Whenever the names of greatest golfers of all time get bantered around, rarely do I hear a woman’s name make the list. This topic has caught my attention and will be a discussion for another day; for now I want to pass on a quick tip by Annika Sörenstam that will help you make those critical putts between 4 and 10 feet. By following her advice, you should lower your score and build confidence during clutch times.

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Golf Tip: Adopting the Proper Putting Stance

Adopting the proper putting stance is very important to successfully sinking those knee-knocking 5 foot putts. The key to always stand in the same position to ensure that your putting stroke is consistent and effective. But, how do we do this? I came across a quick video that will help you adopt the proper stance that will lead to lower golf scores.

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4 Putts Wins the Day

What is the greatest number of putts you have made on one hole? I asked this innocent question a couple of days back and I was not surprised to see that 4 was the most popular answer! I can honestly say that I have 5 putted once, but that was a very long time ago. Now, a three putt is the most shoot on one hole. Continue reading