Ready Golf and Marking Your Golf Ball

Ready golf is a huge topic and continues to garner attention around the world. The governing bodies are trying to speed up play to attract new and younger players to the links. I think this is an admiral goal and see some changes that will help reach their objective. But, there comes a time where ready golf changes the pace of play so much that players cannot attain a groove or tempo to their game. And marking their ball on the green is a perfect example.

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My Top 5 Rules of Golf That Are Not Rules

As 2017 comes the lists will be flying. If you can think of a topic, then a list will be created. I thought I would get my golf list in before you are inundated with white noise. The list I am presenting is not pet peeves or complaints, but unwritten rules I follow to make my round of golf pleasurable. They would follow into the category of etiquette in some cases, but I think you will get the gist. They work for me and I think they will work for you, so grab a coffee, sit in a comfy chair, and enjoy! Continue reading

Ready Golf to Eliminate Slow Play

My last article on Slow Play sparked some interesting conversation. This is a real issue for most avid players and the solution, as I found out, cannot be found in one specific area. For this, I think we can all agree that continuous reminders and education are part of the solution to reduce slow play. I purposely used the word ‘reduce’ because I am not sure slow play will ever be eliminated.

I would like to thank MM Golf Studio for asking such a great question!

What is ‘ready golf’?

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