Golf’s False Assumptions

Every golfer understands the main premise of playing is to hit as few strokes as possible. It is the one sport where less is more. My best rounds have been subpar and those scores brought me the most joy. It is kind of an odd approach to a sport, yet it is the foundation of participation. Keeping this in mind, I have a few false assumptions that amateurs make that flies in the face of the core tenet of golf. Additionally, the same amateurs focus their approach to golf that actually elicits higher golf scores; kind of strange, right?

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Time To Revisit Some Playing Guidelines

About 3 years ago I came up with five things that I believe every golfer should follow or at least be aware of to improve their (and others) enjoyment on the golf course. I am bringing them up again because I believe they are important and should be taught to beginners as a first step towards understanding that golf is more than just hitting a ball into a hole.

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The Ability to Play Ready Golf

Prior to our current challenges, speed of play was an ongoing topic of discussion. One of the solutions for slow play was for amateurs to adopt the concept of ‘ready golf’. Basically, this means that every player, in between shots, should get ready to play their next shot. This is a concept I adopted years ago and with some great success. However, from my experience of playing with other amateurs, I am not entirely sure all amateurs have the where-with-all to actually execute the ‘ready golf’.

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Ready Golf and Marking Your Golf Ball

Ready golf is a huge topic and continues to garner attention around the world. The governing bodies are trying to speed up play to attract new and younger players to the links. I think this is an admiral goal and see some changes that will help reach their objective. But, there comes a time where ready golf changes the pace of play so much that players cannot attain a groove or tempo to their game. And marking their ball on the green is a perfect example.

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My Top 5 Rules of Golf That Are Not Rules

As 2017 comes the lists will be flying. If you can think of a topic, then a list will be created. I thought I would get my golf list in before you are inundated with white noise. The list I am presenting is not pet peeves or complaints, but unwritten rules I follow to make my round of golf pleasurable. They would follow into the category of etiquette in some cases, but I think you will get the gist. They work for me and I think they will work for you, so grab a coffee, sit in a comfy chair, and enjoy! Continue reading