Hitting Your Favourite “In Trouble” Golf Shot

All golfers know that at one time or another, during every round of golf, they will be hitting out of trouble. It does not matter how well you hit the ball on any given day, something is bound to test your ability to recover. After many, many different shots from less than perfect positions, we all can say with certainty that some recovery shots better suit our game than others. We all have our favourite worst shot to have to make and hope when things go sour, that is the worst that it gets. It really is a matter of perspective!

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Golf Shots That Are Worth Watching

It has been a few days, but that is what happens on the holiday season. I came across this compilation of golf shots I thought was worth sharing. I hope you enjoy them.

Which shot did you like the most?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Getting Out of Trouble Like Phil Mickelson

As an amateur, we find the most unusual places on the golf course for our ball to hid. We do not intentionally place ourselves in these predicaments, but alas hit happens all to often. Professional golfers do so, but with less frequency. The challenge is how to respond to these wayward shots and to make something out of nothing. Phil Mickelson is one of the best of all time at extracting himself from trouble and I wonder what is secret really is to see the shot and the hazard?

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Building Your Golf Game From the Ground Up

Don’t let the title confuse you into thinking that your stance is the first part of your golf swing you have to master. Although it is very important, it is only one component of your golf game. A golf game is made up of four basic parts, each is as important as the other. Leaving out any of the four does lead to under achievement and immense frustration.

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Golf’s Great Escape

Blair Woods2

My Friend Blair and his Great Escape!

What is your greatest escape shot of all time? You know, that one shot that had much more risk than reward, but you decided to try anyway. Through the years, I attempted many high risk escape shots with very poor results. However, I have executed some amazing shots that still make me smile when I think about them. Here is one of those shots!

Many years back, I remember one of my great escapes many years back. I was not have a particularly good round, but the company was fun and the weather was outstanding. So of course, I was grateful to be playing golf. Continue reading