Fixing Your Golf Clubs

Through the years I have owned 5 sets of golf clubs and double the number of specialty clubs. Over 40 years of play, I have only fixed 3 clubs. They were part of a full set of Ping Eye 2 Red Dot that belonged my father. He gave them to me at his passing and I still have and cherish them. Because of their value to me, I retired them many years back in the hopes of preserving them a little longer. I happen to come across these clubs recently and among other things, it start me thinking about the nature the golf club market. Continue reading


Caring For Your Golf Course

Many of you lucky golfers are joyfully swinging away at your favorite course. Some of you are a bit rusty, but the joy of playing eclipses any self doubts.  Unfortunately, this rust may pose a potential risk to the health of the tee boxes, fairways, and greens.  As the season is early for us northerners, it is important to remember that caring for your beloved playing field is so very important.

Tee box SandTee Boxes. Many players have a misconception about tee boxes. They may not understand that care of the tee box is as important as the green or fairway. Most players do not try to take divots on the tee box unless they are using an iron. Regardless of where, it is important of replace your divots or fill the hole with a sand/dirt/seed mix.  The familiar green box on the teeing area is usually a great sign that the superintendent wants us to fill the hole. It is really very easy; grab the scoop and fill the hole so it is slightly higher than the ground; then smooth.  The little extra mix will make sure that the hole remains filled after it settles from the rain or watering. Tee boxes are important to every golf course – the better we take care of them, the better we enjoy the game.

ball in divotFairways. Care and maintenance of a fairway is a no brainer. Every golfer has heard, seen, or understands that replacing their divots is important.  Normally, there are signs all over the golf course.  However, some course superintendents would rather players put a sand/soil/seed mix in the hole because it helps promote grass growth. Not fixing your divots can have a negative impact on your game!

golf-ball-markGreens. Fixing ball marks on the green are a pet peeve of mine. How many times have we walked to the green to realize that most of the players at your course have bad backs.  You know this because of the multiple unfixed ball marks on the green. The green is the most delicate part of the course and extra care is required! In case you do not remember how to fix divots, check out the above image!

With the golfing season upon us I feel like a little kid on Christmas morning. However, I must remember that to fully enjoy the season, it is important to look after the course from the beginning.

As a golfing fanatics, it is our duty to lead by example!

I am the grateful golfer!  See you on the links!