Fixing Three Common Golf Mistakes To Lower Your Golf Score

This morning, I watched a video by Rick Shiels that outlined three common mistakes that are prevalent in amateur golfers. I can honestly say that being a low handicapper does not automatically eliminate these errors, but I think I make them less often. Of the three that Shiels talks about, number one is my biggest challenge. Which one would be yours?

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Aiming Each Shot Is Critical In Golf

I have talked about aiming each golf in previous posts. I used the Greg Norman view of ‘aim small miss small’! I hold to this approach and it works well for my game. I found a video by Rick Shiels that explains my exact process and think it is of value to all players. I do want to discuss why this process is very important and how taking the time to properly aim on every shot every shot.

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Eliminating Silly Golf Mistakes

Every once in a while my round of golf is nothing but a comedy of errors. I seem to lose focus and make silly mistakes that I should definitely avoid. As a lower handicapper, I should have command of my game such that making pointless avoidable mistakes should be second nature. Unfortunately, that is not always the case and my frustration level rises every time I add strokes to my round. Interestingly, there are a few very avoidable mistakes that are more common than most; Rick Shiels brings these to light for us so that we can improve our scores and lessen our frustration.

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Hitting The Perfect Iron Shot

There are many instructional videos out there that explain the basic movements of hitting the perfect iron shot every time. Of course, practice is the main key, but what to practice has been the topic of debate for years. Well, I came across this video by Rick Shiels that he made in 2018 that outlines four fundamental aspects of hitting the perfect iron shot that every golfer should know. Lets take a look.

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Putting Tips From Rick Shiels

I follow Rick on YouTube. I find that he is very good at explaining the technical aspects of his topic and thus it is easy for me to follow. I came across this 6 minute video on putting. Interestingly, I do all the things he mentions to some degree when I put. Therefore, instead of me trying to explain everything, I thought I would let Rick show you.