Skipping Your Golf Ball Across A Water Hazard

Have you ever been in the situation where skipping your ball across a water hazard was the wisest courses of action? I can honestly say that over all my years of playing, I have never needed this shot. I have skipped my ball across a hazard accidently the odd time, but to intentionally to attempt this shot would be considered pure folly. This would be poor course management to even try. I mean, why would we need this shot in our bag?

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Predicting The 2020 Masters Winner

Predicting any winner of a golf tournament is extremely difficult. Predicting the winner of a Major is crazy hard. Predicting the winner of the 2020 Masters is almost impossible. And yet, I am here to offer my views on the next green jacket wearer and see where the chips fall. It is always fun to make a prediction especially since I have nothing to lose!

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100the PGA Championship Round 2 Suspended

Bad weather blew in and suspended round two of the 100th PGA Championship. Many players did not finish and my pick to win, Rory McIlroy was one. This might be a good thing because McIlroy did not have anything going, so a rest today might help. Today at Bellerive, it will be sunny and hot;  so both the second and third rounds will be completed today barring any unforeseen circumstances. However, I wonder if having to play approximately 30 holes of golf will help or hurt the players who have not finished their second round? Continue reading

Is Rickie Fowler The Real Deal?

Rickie Fowler has been on the fringe of greatness for 5 years. He progressively improves his game and mental strength to compete at the élite levels. Given his 5 under final round at The Masters, the golfing world seems to think he is on his way to greater heights. Personally, I am not so sure there are so many factors! Continue reading