Happy Mother’s Day


The tradition continues. Happy Mother’s Day to all the special people who make our lives awesome! My Mom passed five years ago, but I think of her every day and thank my lucky stars that she guided me through my life. She was a loving, good-humoured, and strong woman who always knew exactly what to say and at the right time. She was a great influence in my life and I love her dearly!

I am fortunate to have still have a loving, caring, and beautiful mother-in-law who has enriched my life away from the golf course. Bea is a very special lady whom I love very much.  Continue reading

Jumping the Gun in Golf

If you are reading this post, chances are that you play golf in one capacity or another. We have all played well and we all have…..let’s not talk about that. Regardless of the state of your game, we easily grasp at any positive that shows up unannounced. However, when trying to find solutions to persistent woes in our game, we have the tendency to jump the gun. Continue reading

Rules of Golf Simplified

The new rules of golf are out for your reading pleasure. They cover all the important points that golfers should know and understand. For some, this book is an exciting must read; for others, well lets just say that it is a good book to sleep by.

Periodically, I will attempt to demystify some of golf’s rules to save you the time you would spend reading the book. For now, I am going to start out with an easy, but misunderstood rule about the tee box.

GG-rule-book-infographic-14Aug16 (1)

Rule 11: Tee Shots


There are other aspects of Rule 11 you might need to read if you are entering a tournament, but for now you have the abridged version.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line. In the meantime, enjoy my latest infographic on the 11th rule.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Are You a Golf Snob?

This question, “Are you a golf snob?” is making you think right now. Being called a golf snob is not good for our ego, but I think we can handle it! There are many types of golf snobs, but I have narrowed it down to four with the help of OOBGolf. I have modified some of their categories, but the real inspiration for this article came from a question I asked on twitter yesterday. (if you have a Twitter account don’t forget to vote)

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The Rules of Golf

The rules of golf are in-depth and attempt to explain some of the crazy situations that may occur on the links.  They are varied and sometimes a little off the wall.  They can be applied after the fact or during a match that could mean the difference of winning or losing.  The rules are applied evenly (we hope) or perceived not to fair.  The rules will undoubtedly make you scratch your head.  Regardless, the rules of golf are important and should not be taken lightly.  Or should they?

In a previous article called Gopher It! I explain how rule 25-1, Immovable Obstructions and Abnormal Ground Conditions, from the 2012 Royal Canadian Golf Association rule book impacted a tournament I participated in several years back.  Needless to say, we discussed this rule for quite some time.

Sergio Garcia took the meaning of “play the ball where it lies” to a whole new level.  The Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill Golf and Country Club, Garcia climbed a tree to play the ball out into the fairway.  It can be seen at PGATOUR.COM.

The penalty for slow play against the Guan Tianlang, the 14-year-old, grade 8 player from China, who made the cut at the 2013 The Masters caught everyone’s attention.  A statement, in The Guardian, by rules officials stated that his age did not matter.  I would have to agree with that statement.  He obviously has the game to play at the Masters, so he must play by all the rules.  Whether the rules are applied equally is the real topic of conversation of most analysts.

Of course the Tiger Woods rules challenge at this year’s Masters.  In this case, the rules officials were under tremendous pressure to make an appropriate call because a television viewer called in and challenged Tiger Woods drop.  Woods was not disqualified for signing an incorrect score card as many had suggested, but was assessed a two stroke penalty.

The RCGAUSGAR&A are all governing bodies that routinely examine the rules of golf and make what they deem as appropriate changes.  They focus mainly on the elite players, but do attempt to keep the average duffer in the mix.

The Putting Rule

The Putting Rule

So, what about those unwritten rules used by local players?  No, I am not talking about etiquette, but the fun rules!  Rules like:

  • The 30 Second Rule – If you can pick up your ball and place it back in the spot you just hit from within 30 seconds, the shot does not count.
  • First Tee Do Over Rule – You arrive at the first tee before 7 am and duff your drive – you get a do over because you are not warmed up yet.
  • The Putting Rule – On the first green, if it has not been cut yet, you are allowed two putts from the same spot to get a feel for the speed.  If the ball drops on either stroke count one!
  • Foot Wedge Rule – it is used regularly and without shame!  It is the – I am here to have fun and do not care about the score – shot!

These unwritten rules are for the fun of the game.  Golf is challenging and the rules were developed over centuries of play, however golf is meant to be fun!  Using your own rules sometimes is just the break we duffers need to have a memorable round. If we were making money at golf, maybe the rules would be more important!  Since we don’t….remember – be a grateful golfer!  See you on the links.