Self-Assessment of My 2019 Golf Game

Before forging ahead with my 2020 golf season, I always find it beneficial to look back at my performance last year. This introspection guides my goals for the next season, but only if I honestly look at what I accomplished and put it in a perspective I can use. This is not overly difficult, but it only works if I am true to myself and be totally honest.

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Driving and Putting For Low Golf Scores

My golf season was wright with ups and downs; as most of us experience. Through the 80+rounds, my driver and putter were the best clubs in my bag. They were my great equalizers during most rounds and during the last round of the Coldwell Cup this week, they did not let me down. They were steady clubs that set up the rest of my game for success.

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Playing Enough Golf To Stay Sharp

Not all golf is good for your game! Before you start thinking I am crazy and clicking away; read a bit more and see where I am going. Lately, I have played more scramble tournaments than regular stroke play. It is great fun and I still have an event next week to play before my tournament season starts to wind down. The the real questions is all this tournament play good for my game!

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Tee It Up For Mattawa Healthcare – Recap

Yesterday I attended my favourite charity golf tournament in the area. Its primary goal is to raise funds for a small town in Northeastern Ontario called Mattawa. This is the second time I attended and as always I was completely impressed by the efforts of the organizers to make this a must attend event.

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Scramble Golf Tournament – Does Advice Help?

Most golfers play in scramble golf tournaments. In this multiple player event, the shooter is allowed to receive and give advice before the shot. Sometimes after much debate, no real decision on how to play the shot is reached, so the shooter swings away at what they think is the best. Sometimes it works and other times, not so much! Continue reading