A Look Back At Some Of The New Golf Rules

In 2019, the governing bodies of golf introduced a few new rule modifications and streamlined the exceptions related to the rules of golf. At first many of golfers were skeptical, but after four years of use, I wonder if the changes have helped or hindered the amateur player’s game. I know that in my case, the rule changes made very little difference because I do not play by the rules anyway…..wait, that is not right. 😉 The new rule changes have helped in many ways to speed up the game by removing the fog of confusion many amateurs face when playing golf.

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Catch and Release in Golf

An outdoor sportsman understands the term catch and release. I mainly applies to fishing, but I am sure there are other sports where it can be used. And I have decided that golf is one of those sports. I bet you are wondering how the heck this is so, but I assure you that it is nothing nefarious, yet it does apply.

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In Search of the Elusive Golf Ball – Is It Worth It?

Every player looks for golf balls on the golf course. It is in our nature and for some, they have to look a bit more than others. I do not mind ‘ball hawking’, but I have limitations as to where and how long I like to look. In some cases’ it is not worth the effort and I suggest we should just move on. This was definitely on of those times!

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Apparently, Ball Hawking Is A Sport!

We have all done it, yes you know what I mean; we have all ball hawked at one time or another. We walk along the edge of the woods, “keeping out of the sun”, searching for that elusive with white treasure. When spotted we excitedly drop our clubs and zip into the forest hoping it is a quality ball we can use at the next water hole. Alas, it is not and it goes into the shag bag. Now before you deny anything, stop and really think about it; have you ever searched for golf balls while walking the course? Continue reading

How to Search for a Lost Ball

Lost golf ballsAt least once a round, I go in search of the elusive white ball. At no fault of my own, the like white bundle of joy (or should I say frustration) decides to play hide and seek! It is very frustrating when my golf ball gets a mind if its own and lets its ego run away with the plan we devised at the start of the round.

As most golfers find themselves from time to time, searching for a wayward golf ball is a skill that all players need to conquer. Knowing how to find a lost ball does is not as simple as playing hide and seek; there is a methodology that will help most amateurs reduce strokes by finding their ball more often than not. Continue reading