Choosing The Proper Golf Course Distance To Match Your Game


In the past, I talked about selecting the right distance to play using the course and slope ratings. They are important factors to choosing which tees to play as well as the distance of the golf course. After some reading, I think that distance is often overlooked when selecting a course to play. At my home course of Osprey Links, I generally play the whites at 6000 yards and play the tips at 6400 yards from time to time. I find that the extra 400 yards doe not really affect my game except I am hitting a longer iron into the green. So, I would say that my distance for comfortably playing a golf course ranges from 6000 to 6500 yards.

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Stepping Back to the Tips in Golf

Many amateurs fear moving to the back tees because of the added distance to every tee and approach shot. Personally, I am not fussed about this aspect of the challenge and relish the opportunity to put stress on my game. So, a few days ago I stepped back to the tips at Osprey Links Golf Course to practice playing longer distances. Unfortunately, my experiment did not go as planned, but it was great fun regardless.

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Picking The Right Tees To Have Fun At A Golf Course

I have to say that I was quite surprised by the thought process that lead to this post. I thought I had found the perfect lead in with yesterday’s article on Course and Slope Rating. I figured that these two stats would be the driving factor for most golfers when selecting the tees to play at a new golf course. I could not be so far off base, but thanks to the many Grateful Golfers who responded my Twitter poll, I was set me straight!

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