Final Thoughts From The Masters 2019

What an amazing finish to four days of stellar golf. The leaderboard was a virtual whose who throughout the weekend and it was anyone’s game until the very end. I notice a few things that were different than in previous Majors that I thought were noteworthy; some might be a ‘ah-ha’ moment for you because they were for me.

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The Slow Play Debate Rages On at the PGA Tour!

My Twitter feed was on fire over the past few days with the constant complaining of slow play from the Genesis Open last weekend. At the forefront of everything was the play of the eventual winner: JB Holmes. He was one example of how the PGA Tour is losing the battle between showing the top players and not having to watch them for 6 hours!

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Apparently, Ball Hawking Is A Sport!

We have all done it, yes you know what I mean; we have all ball hawked at one time or another. We walk along the edge of the woods, “keeping out of the sun”, searching for that elusive with white treasure. When spotted we excitedly drop our clubs and zip into the forest hoping it is a quality ball we can use at the next water hole. Alas, it is not and it goes into the shag bag. Now before you deny anything, stop and really think about it; have you ever searched for golf balls while walking the course? Continue reading

New Golf Rules for 2019

The new rules of golf starting in January 2019 are finally released. There are over 35 different rule changes and most of those will have a direct impact on your game. It is important to know these new rules before they come to fruition because if you are playing with someone who knows them, it might save or worse cost you strokes. Continue reading

Golf is About Economics

Golf is all about economics. Despite what any golfer thinks, if the golf industry is not making money, there will be no golf industry. Of course, the consumer (us) thinks they have a great deal of influence, yet I am not entirely sure this is true. Over the years I have read many articles about “rabbit hole” issues that are the symptoms of my opening statement, but if you peel away the layers like an onion, money is the at the core.

The issue of Jason Day’s comment that he plays golf to win and he will use whatever routine he needs to make that happen is at the forefront of the recent media hype on slow play. Considered one of the slowest players on the PGA Tour, Day can be extremely tiresome to watch. But yet, there we sit living vicariously through his long drives and smooth chips. Golf pundits have wailed on the PGA and European Tours for being ineffective to change this issue and still nothing really changes! Why, because the revenue gained from TV sponsors regardless of the pace of play outweighs the efforts needed to fix the slow play issue. It is all about economics.

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