Hitting A Long Putt

The chances of sinking a long putt of 20+ feet is very slim. It is not because we have inferior skills to those of professionals (and we do), but it comes down to the physics of distance control. Hitting the ball in a 1.70 inch ball into a 4.25 inch hole does not leave a great margin for error. To improve our chances, we should develop a method of putting that improves our chances of at least leaving a tap in putt if we happen to miss. There are many styles and techniques to hitting a ‘lag put’ that most golfers could try in order to improve their long putting. I use a few techniques myself and feel that for the most part they are very successful. In today’s article I am going examine a few presented by Scratch Golf Academy plus a couple of techniques I use to ensure I avoid the dreaded 3 putt.

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Successfully Hitting Out Of A Divot

I am fairly confident that during a friendly most amateurs who land in a divot on the fairway will use a foot wedge to improve their lie. I do say this with tongue in cheek, however I am pretty sure it does happen. During competitions I would say that this would never happen and all golfers would play it as it lies. Over the many, many years of playing golf I rarely (maybe twice a year) land in a divot in the fairway and as such do not work on hitting out of divots on a routine basis. This does not mean I have not worked on this important skill, it just means that I can.

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Are You To Helpful On The Golf Course?

Golf is a funny game. I bet at this very moment you are making a list or running through scenarios that support this statement. This crazy game is infinitely simple, yet extremely complex. It is not a game that can be force to create a different outcome, but a game that requires a steady, focused, calm demeanour to be successful. Specifically, the fastst way to flub a chip shot is to try and help your swing through to completion. It never works and I have thousands of helpful moments that prove my point!

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Lowering Your Golf Score The Easy Way

In a world where everything seems to be at our finger tips, there must be an easy way to lower our golf scores. You know, that secret that all professional golfers understand but refuse to share with us mere mortals. Well, I have found the answer that I think will benefit every golfer and it is really easy to implement. Read further and start your journey to lower golf scores!

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Solid Contact in Golf

Solid contact on the club face is extremely important! It will determine whether your ball will travel the expected distance, on the intended line, and finish in the intended spot. You will see the word ‘intended’ was used quite a bit because unless you are a professional, our real intent does not always match our execution.

What does solid contact actually mean? It is a term used extensively; however terms such as this are sometimes misinterpreted and misunderstood. To me, solid contact means feeling nothing when the ball hits the club face. The ball hits the ‘sweet spot’ and all the energy transfer from the club to the ball is at its optimum level. The leaves the club face with no distribution of energy or forces to the outer areas of the club face or the shaft.

It is very difficult to explain the feel of solid contact, but we all seem to know it when we feel it. The video below explains how to make solid contact with a seven iron. I found it quite informative and thought I would share it with you!

What are your thoughts on how to make solid contact?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!