Working Our the Kinks In Your Golf Swing

After 6 months off from golf, I can tell you that my golf swing is less than smooth. My back is not supple, nor are my arms loose. I feel like a knotted ball of string that needs patience and effort to untangle. However, this is nothing new and will take some concerted effort to work out all the kinks.

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Flexibility Flexibility Flexibility

Image from I guess you know what this post is about…..power…..okay not really.  Is flexibility really that important to your golf swing?  Does it really help you hit the ball further?  Can we really have more success on the course because I can touch my toes?  These, and many more, are questions golfers ask themselves every day.  My response to those skeptics people is a resounding YES! YES! YES!

“If you look at some of the players on tour who can really bomb it–guys like Hank Kuehne
and Charles Howell–they’re not the most physically intimidating athletes. But they all are
very flexible players who can generate tremendous clubhead speed while swinging in
balance. That’s also one of the keys to my power. I’m convinced that if you increase your
flexibility, you’ll add power to your swing.” – Tiger Woods.  This quote is from a free flexibility program from the RCGA.

Sean Cochran from says, “…to help get golfers back into the game following a layoff – is to work on golf flexibility. The goal of the golf flexibility part of our fitness program is to develop the required ranges of motion within your joints and muscles so that you can execute the golf swing correctly.”  This is absolutely true.  I would suggest that starting and maintaining a flexibility program now will prepare you for early spring and another season of golf.

MensHealth says, “Flexibility may be the single most important factor in making a successful golfer.”  This is absolutely true.  Flexibility allows for increase range of motion – therefore more power – therefore more distance and ultimately bragging rights as your tee shot sails past your friends!

Flexibility is extremely important to success in golf.  Being flexible helps improve all areas of your golf game.  I stretch, not as much as I should, and plan to adopt an exercise program that fits my capabilities.  I want to ready for next year and it is never too early to start!

See you on the links!