Leaving Shots On The Course After A Round Of Golf

I am confident that every golfer laments about leaving strokes on the course. Usually it means that they wish they could take a shot over again or made a different decision that would result in a different outcome. This universal situation is generally discussed at the 19th hole over a libation or two. No matter what we shoot as a score, golfers always feel they could have shot at least one stroke lower. The feeling of missing out on a better score can lead to frustration, however I would suggest that it is the natural order of things for all golfers. The real question is where most of us feel we lose the most strokes?

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Gaining A Stroke and Losing A Stroke – Isn’t Golf Fun!

I do not know how many rounds of golf I played where I have gained a stroke just to lose it on the next hole. You understand what I mean when you are walking to the tee with a spring in your step due to a birdie, just to be weighed down walking to the next tee after a bogey. I am not sure why this happens, but it happens more frequently than I like to admit. It is during those instances where I realize just how fun golf really can be 😉

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