Controlling The Clubface Through Impact

Looking back at my 2021 golf season, I found that I had rounds where I struggled to control my ball flight. This error was generally traced back to the position of my clubface during impact. I know this because my misses are generally left (or way left sometimes) and when I look at my clubface afterwards, I found that it was closed. This challenge would come and go during my rounds and I often wondered what was the cause. Well, I think I found out my error and I thought it was worth sharing.

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Checking Your Golf Grip

I generally keep my grip as neutral as possible. Sometimes, when my attention wanders, my grip starts to shift towards the weak position. I am always looking for a way to quickly put my hands in the correct position. Now, I came across this a video that might help. I mentally went through the process described by Smash Factor and it looks like it will work. When you read this, I will be on the course giving this new process a try, so more information to follow on how it worked for my game.

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Changes In The Golf Grip

The golf grip is the fundamental skill that every golf must know and understand. The slightest change in a players grip can make the difference between hitting straight or wayward; long or short; consistent or inconsistent. I often wondered why professional golfers today hit the ball so much farther than players like Jack Nicklaus and Johnny Miller. Of course technology has helped, but Miller explains how the evolution of the golf grip has really impacted the game.

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Tinkering With Your Golf Grip

I have used the same golf grip for about 15 years now. After trying all three, I settled on the interlocking grip.

I have talked about this in the past, but I have also played with my hand position and met little success. However, I have found that many amateurs like to tinker (or adjust) with their grip on the golf course as a means to try and improve their golf swing. I think this process is folly, but not my place to comment on their own path to success.

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Golf Grip – Strong, Weak or Neutral

The golf grip is the singularly most important choice any amateur golfer makes. The slightest change to the position of the hands has a tremendous impact on whether the ball finishes in the woods or in the middle of the fairway.  Focusing on how to hold a golf club is the first step to developing a great golf swing. After choosing how to hold your hands on the club, it is now time to experiment with your hand position to decide if you need to use a strong, weak or neutral grip.

Determining if you naturally hold the club in a strong or weak way is determined by the thumb and index finger of each hand (Vs). A strong grip, the Vs are right of the centre of the shaft. As a visual cue, you can see the knuckles of your left hand. A neutral grip, the Vs are down the center line of the shaft and you can see three knuckles on each hand. A weak grip, the Vs are left of center and you can see the knuckles of your right had. (The above description is for a right-handed player; the opposite is true for a left-handed player) Continue reading