Do You Like Playing In Scramble Golf Tournaments?

Personally, I love playing in any golf tournaments. Each offer something different and I prepare differently for each. With the Ryder Cup looming on the horizon, I am being a bit nostalgic about not being able to play in any tournaments this year; especially scramble events! However, I did have the opportunity to discuss preparing for a scramble tournament with my friend Blair. He was in a 3 person event about a month ago and we discussed which player should play where; it was really quite fun, but we seemed to differ on the line up. Continue reading

Military Golf Competition

Roundel Glen Logo (1)On Wednesday, I am entering a stroke-play tournament to hopefully make the team to represent my military Wing at the Ontario Regional Golf Championship in July. This tournament is a three-day combined stroke event where the top five male and top two female players will move on to the next level. The Wing golf tournament will be played at my home course of Roundel Glen Golf Course in Astra, Ontario.

The Ontario Golf Regionals, played at the Petawawa, Ontario, is a three-day stroke-play event with several competitions in one.  First, there is the overall team competition.  Each day, the lowest 4 scores of the seven players are used to determine the total score for the Wing on that day.  (For those who think that the female scores do not count, think again; they are usually used a couple of times during the tournament)  After three days of competition, your total team score will be used and the lowest team score wins the event and crowned Ontario Regional Team Champions.  They receive a pennant which is proudly displayed at their home Unit.

Another event inside of the team competition is the singles competition.  The person with the lowest gross score after three days is crowned the Ontario Region individual champion (men and women).  Additionally, the lowest five male and two female gross scores make up the Ontario Regional team that represents their region at the Canadian Forces National Golf Competition.

The National Competition, played at Shilo, Manitoba, is the same format as the Regional Competition except the players are significantly better.  It is an exciting time of military golfers and believe me, bragging rights are as important as the hardware.

I am excited to start for the upcoming competition and my GAF (Golf Attitude Factor) is extremely high!

I am a grateful golfer!  See you on the links!