Arguing With Your Golf Swing

Have you ever had an argument with yourself about your golf swing. You know, when you are hitting the ball well (or poorly) and you decide that you need a change. The change many not be required, but you start to have an internal dialogue with yourself about how to squeeze that little bit extra out of your game. Sometimes this internal argument lasts for seconds and others for much, much longer. It really can be a game changer for your golf swing and usually for the worse.

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Being In Play Off The Tee

How important is being in play off the tee anyway? I mean, as long as I am not out of bounds, then hitting the fairway seems to be a luxury. I can whack my way down to the green just as quickly hitting out of the longer grass or edge of the trees and that boring player who hits off the short grass all the time. I think this is an overrated statistic and I am going to focus on other things. If you are the golfer I just described, then I suggest you need to read on because you are heading down the wrong path to improve your golf game.

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Miss-Hitting My Tee Shot

Of all the shots in golf I hate miss-hitting, the one I hate the most has to be my tee shot. If you think about it, I set up the conditions and generally have an open landing area. So, why would I have trouble hitting off the tee? I am not sure about your game but if I am to miss, it is usually a pull to the left side of the fairway. Most of the time I get away with my miss-hit, but from time to time I find trouble and have to play a Seve-like shot to prevent a high score. Such is the nature of my game. Continue reading

Hitting the Ball Well Off the Tee

As you walk up to the tee and prepare for an awesome round of golf, small niggling thoughts run through your head. You start to think about your first shot and all the things that could go right or wrong. Personally, I am a glass half full guy and focus on making a perfect shot, exactly as intended.

We all realize that tee shots set up a hole and after listening to my compatriots talk at the 19th hole, many seem to struggle with the big stick. They hit the ball left, right, short and well, all over the place. They lament about their challenges and wish they could solve their conundrum. Continue reading

Risk Reward on the Golf Course

Golf is all about Risk Reward. During every shot, we weigh the advantages and disadvantages of which club to use, the weather, the lie and the possible outcome. This is an exciting aspect of golf that never gets boring.

On and off the course I like to visualize how to play a golf hole. It helps me overcome the fear of making a tough golf shot by preparing my mind of all possibilities. I have a scenario and was wondering what you think.  Continue reading