Fighting The Yips In Golf

Every golfer experiences the ‘yips’ from time to time. It is a mental challenge faced by golfers and is defined as: a state of nervous tension affecting an athlete (such as a golfer) in the performance of a crucial action. (Merriam-Webster) You know, the moments when you standing over an eagle putt to win something and your heart starts racing, palms sweat, your mind races and it is hard to concentrate. Negative thoughts start eroding your confidence to a point were self-doubt starts to rule the moment. The yips are a scary thing and dreaded by all golfers.

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Fixing your Golf Game – If You Can!

Over the years I have experienced droughts in my golf game. The longest in memory lasted about 10 games when I could not break 80, with many of my scores in the mid 80s. This many not seem to drastic, but during that period I could not seem to anything right!

train wreck

As I struggled to figure out what I was doing different. I tried changing my grip, adjusting my stance, swinging slower, swinging faster, and well, I tried just about anything. Unfortunately, nothing made a difference! Until……. Continue reading