An Update On Keeping The Crease

A few days ago I offered a simple tip by Tom Watson on ‘Keeping the Crease’ through your golf swing. What Watson suggests about keeping a slight hip flex during the backswing and forward to release seems, at least on the surface, to be an easy thing to do. Two days ago, I headed out to my DIY driving net in my garage (because the temperatures are warmer) in attempts to replicate keeping the crease.

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The Ryder Cup is Here!

The Ryder Cup is here…..finally! I love watching the Ryder Cup. There is no prize money drawing the players to France; just good ole bragging rights. You know that the Ryder Cup is a big thing in the golfing world because the four captain’s picks generate almost as much hype as a Major! The first match is on Friday and I can hardly wait to see the pairings and which player will step up to lead their team to victory! Continue reading

The Open: Final Thoughts

Jack N and Tom W

From Jack Nicklaus’ Facebook page

Wow! What a final round! Many of the pundits have listed the final round of The Open between Henrik Stenson and Phil Mickelson as one of the greatest final rounds in any Major. It is always hard to make such a statement, but if you are suggesting such bold thoughts, I am confident that Jack Nicklaus or Tiger Woods’ final rounds would be contenders for comparison.

Unfortunately, I only saw glimpses of the round, but social media was afire with comments and thoughts. Phil Mickelson shot a -6 and lost by 3 strokes to the winner, Henrik Stenson, who shot a -8. Both were amazing performances and Mickelson can walk with his head held high because he was defeated by a better player in the final round. Reviewing the final round, I look for expert opinions, who I respect, to sum up their thoughts and I found one I can wholeheartedly support!

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The Masters – Day 2

Masters Trivia by The Grateful GolferIn a galaxy far, far away, there was a small group of talented and dedicated men trying to fight for their survival battling a golf course that was unrelenting at best. Day 2 at The Masters, Augusta National Golf Course proved to be that course! I am not sure what happened yesterday, but Augusta bared its teeth and took a huge bite out many of the worlds best golfers.
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