Wildfire Golf Club

Today, I am playing Wildfire Golf Club! It is another awesome course in the area and through the generosity of a friend, I am hitting these outstanding links.

I played Wildfire once before and I am looking forward seeing if I can break 80 this time! I will be reporting on this awesome course in the near future, so as you read this article, I am either on my way or on the course reveling in its beauty. Continue reading

Golf Courses

Lamenting about not golf today only stoked my desire to hit the links.  Dreaming of the perfect golf swing, the sound of the ball going in the hole or the sweet melody of the driver off the tee are things missed during everyone’s off-season.  The fortunate aspect of being an avid golfer is the ability to play and dream of different courses.  Through the years, I have played tough courses, easy courses, beautiful courses and goat tracks!  I prefer not to think of the latter and to focus on the positive experiences while playing golf.

To banish my lamenting and focus on playing, the following are the easiest, most difficult, most beautiful and favorite courses I have ever played.

Laurentide Golf CourseThe easiest course I have every played is Laurentide Golf Club at Stugeon Falls, Ontario.  It was my home course for a few years mostly because the staff was awesome and Moe Mantha (famous hockey player) would talk to me every morning while I played early birds. However, after a few years I realized that it is a relatively flat track with few hazards.  I always scored well.  However, it is a great course for the average player who wants to have a great time on a fun course.

oysterbayThe most difficult course I ever played was Oyster Bay Golf Links, Myrtle Beach, North Carolina.  It was a tight course with 17 holes of playable water. When I played in February, the course was hard, the greens did not hold well and the water gobbled up my errant shots like my friend in the UK eats chicken wings.  Man it was tough.

hartlenpoint9GreenThe most beautiful course was Hartlen Point Forces Golf Club, Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia. Established in 1962 as a facility for Canadian Armed Forces Personnel, Hartlen Point Forces Golf Club has grown to become one of the most challenging and skill testing golf courses in Nova Scotia.  This course is nestled along the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. The views are spectacular!  Well worth playing!

Before I share my most favorite course, check out the following links on the best of courses around the world:

My most favorite course has nothing to do with location and everything to do with the people.  I am grateful to have played many rounds of golf with some awesome people. Some are my closest friends and I am grateful every time we hit the links together!  Golf is a social sport and meeting new and old friends is definitely my favorite part of golfing.  I am a grateful golfer!  See you on the links!

What are your easiest, most difficult, most beautiful and favorite courses?