Playing Great Golf and Still Losing Ground

My regular group of players like to participate in Men’s Night and Senior Men’s morning. It was a fun way to talk to other member’s of Osprey Links Golf Course and it offers an opportunity to play games for small prizes. The challenge to playing these games is finding ones that are fair to all the players of different playing levels. The toughest game is the ‘dog fight’, which we played last Thursday for Senior Men’s. We played great, but did not gain any ground on the top team.

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Sharing Golf Clubs is Legal – Who Knew!

Before we get going, this is not an April Fools joke. So you can read on in that frame of mind. I generally feel I have a good handle on the rules of golf. I figured that since I have read them, that I would remember some of the nuances of each rule. Well, I guess I need to get back into the books because I stumbled across the rule about sharing clubs that I thought was new, when in actuality it is not. Who knew?

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Playing Enough Golf To Stay Sharp

Not all golf is good for your game! Before you start thinking I am crazy and clicking away; read a bit more and see where I am going. Lately, I have played more scramble tournaments than regular stroke play. It is great fun and I still have an event next week to play before my tournament season starts to wind down. The the real questions is all this tournament play good for my game!

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Sportspal – 2 Man Challenge

The first of two rounds of the Sportspal golf tournament was completed yesterday. This is a highlight event at Osprey Links Golf Course and it is the first time I have entered. This two-day event pits 69 teams of two in a Best Ball and Scramble format. After the best ball round on the first day, the teams are flighted and assigned a hole for the scramble round going today. The Championship and A Flights will play from the blues while the rest of the field will play from the whites. I have not played in this format of golf tournament in a long time and the first day was very interesting. Continue reading

Winning a Scramble Tournament

On Friday past, I played in a work scramble tournament. It is low-key annual event that saw over 100 participants. The great majority of players were beginners or those who only play a couple of times a year, so the focus of the event was having fun. As a top player at 22 Wing, there was a high expectation from everyone that my team would win. Well, my team did not disappoint and we eventually won with a minus 7. However, the win was less important than a couple of the things I learned. Continue reading