Do You Carry a Golf Umbrella?

A golf umbrella is considered a must have for anyone who hits the links regularly. Of course I do not need to explain its uses, yet I am compelled to mention that I use the umbrella in the rain and during very hot days. It has many uses that may be some of you do not even realize. So, I thought I would mention a plethora of uses for this weather shield.

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All I Want for Christmas….

With only 2 weeks until Christmas, many people are frantically running around to find that special something for the special people in their lives. This stressful aspect of the holidays can be fun for some and a source of pure dread for others. Personally, my wife and I solved this nut years ago and the next two weeks are going be spent hanging out and enjoying the beauty that mother nature has to offer.

As a golfer, receiving golf gifts is an almost certainty. The real challenge for most not golfers is to purchase that unique golf related gift that brings joy and happiness to the receiver. Unfortunately, if you are not a golfer, selecting the ‘right’ gift is extremely difficult. So, I have devised the perfect plan to help you on your way! Continue reading