Dropping Strokes From Poor Decisions

Golf is all about making decisions. Which clubs to use, laying up, going for it, where to land the ball on approach shots, aiming at the pin, what is the wind doing or should I putt or chip this shot are but a few thoughts that go through our minds continuously during every round of golf. Most of the time, I have a decision making process, but now and again I let how my game is unfolding drive the answers when playing. I do know, however, that what ever decision I make has the protentional to save or drop strokes. Specifically, poor decisions hurt my score card the most. After years of playing, I have determined the one decision above all others that has to be correct if I want to play well and shoot low golf scores. Do you know what that is?

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Club Selection Is Critical To Low Golf Scores

Most amateur golfers make 100 decisions on what club to use during a round of golf. Of course that number of 100 is likely an average depending on how many strokes it takes for you to shoot a round, but I think you understand where I am going. Many of the decisions are no brainers, but there is one area that requires a great deal of focus and concentration in order to make a successful golf shot. The distance of 25 yards and closer to the green is where most amateurs fail proper club selection and I know this because of my last round of golf!

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Hitting The Right Club at the Right Time

Club selection is a challenge for most players. The factors to consider before making any shot can almost be incalculable. Many times we under club our shot because we think that a 7-iron into a 2 club wind will go the distance because we did once a long time ago. Or we think we can hit our 3-wood 220 yards in the air and carry the pond; we are shocked when we fall short! Golf is about decisions and hitting the right club at the right time is definitely one of the most crucial.

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How To Read a Golf GPS Distance Measuring Device

I use two different golf GPS measuring devices. In 2013, I first purchased a Garmin Approach 6 and that is the topic of my article today. It is a fantastic device and I found that it improved my course management skills and club selection. For the past 5 years, I have used the device to glean the front, pin and back yardage needed to determine shot selection. It is only recently after purchasing a laser finder, that I realized that I miss using my device and it was costing me strokes. Want to know how? Continue reading