Ouch! A Golf Swing That Hurts!

Have you ever hit a golf ball that hurt? I have many times and I have to say that it is not my favourite time on the golf course. There were several times when I had no choice because I hit a hidden rock, root or loose impediment. These shots usually damage my club a bit and are shots I hope I will never do again. The other shots that hurt are associated with playing conditions. There is more to this story because my preparation for playing might have been a bit ill conceived.

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Golfing in Cooler Weather


Golf in cooler weather is a challenge.

Golf is not a sport for fair-weather players. Well actually, many golfers are fair-weather players, but I am not one. I play in the rain, wind, heat, and cold. Of all these conditions, I find playing in the cold the most difficult.

Playing in the cold is a given in Canada. Unlike this year, the cold weather starts to set in around October and does not leave until April. However, if the brave are willing to embrace the cooler weather, the off-season can be shortened by a couple of months.

I have written about playing in the cold weather before and I touched on 5 main topics to consider when playing fall or spring golf in the northern climates. For more details on the 5 topics below, click here:

  • A toque is a must.
  • Gloves are a benefit.
  • Keeping hydrated is critical.
  • Choosing the correct golf ball!
  • Lastly, avoid getting wet.

I recently did a poll on about golfing in cold weather and wondered what the golfing community considered what to keep warm when playing in cooler temperatures. Not surprisingly, here is what the masses had to say:

Keeping our hands warm is the most important thing for me aswell. When my hands get cold, I loose my feel, strength, and flexibility. Also, every miss hit feels like I am holding a giant frozen tuning fork that will not stop vibrating! Playing with cold hands is extremely uncomfortable and sometimes painful.

As many of you venture out to play golf in cooler temperatures, remember to keep your hands warm; warm hands will help you shoot lower scores and have fun as you loop the links enjoying the great outdoors!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!