Golf Canada and The World Handicap System

Yesterday, I posted an update on the World Handicap System (WHS). As stated, I sent an email to Golf Canada for an update on their involvement in the development of this potentially beneficial method of equalizing golf world-wide. I received an answer today.

I want to thank Craig Loughry, Director, Handicap and Course Rating, for the quick response. I will continue to follow this theme in future articles, but for now, here is their response. Continue reading

Golf World Handicap System – Update

For the past few years, “An extensive review of existing handicap systems administered by Golf Australia, the Council of National Golf Unions (CONGU) in Great Britain and Ireland, the European Golf Association (EGA), the South African Golf Association (SAGA), the Argentine Golf Association (AAG) and the United States Golf Association (USGA) has been undertaken.” (The R&A)

“More than 15 million golfers in over 80 countries presently have a handicap, a numerical index long used as a measure of a golfer’s potential skill level. Handicaps are currently delivered through six different systems around the world. The aim of the proposed handicap system is to adopt a universal set of principles and procedures that will apply all over the world.” (The R&A)

And now there is movement towards the World Handicap System. Continue reading