Can We Golf Forever

Have you ever wondered how long a person can golf?  After playing for 37 years, I recently found out that there is no limit.  A news article on Tommy Thompson states that it is quite possible to play golf past 100 years old….yup….100 years old!  Thompson plays 3 times a week and is the envy of many golfers.

Another player, JT Graves is 93 years old and plays golf almost every day.  Now, I think he is showing off, but what an inspiration to all golfers.

How is it possible to play that long?  How many times have we been told that once you hit 70, things start going down hill?  After seeing these two gentlemen, it is difficult to image a cap on how long anyone can play golf.

From the Guinness World Records:  The oldest male player to score his age is C. Arthur Thompson (1869-1975) of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, who scored 103 on the Uplands course of 5682 m (6215 yd) in 1973.  Even more amazing: The oldest female player to score her age is Kayoko Fukui (Japan, b. 5 October 1936), who scored 70 at Taiheiyo Golf Club, Karuizawa, Japan, on 16 August 2007.  103 at 103; 70 at 70; inspired yet?

Researching reveled that there is four things that older golfers have in common.  They stay fit, stay flexible, stay involved and have a burning desire to keep playing.  Of course these are not earth shattering revelations, but they make absolute sense.

After reading many inspiring stories, it looks like I have at least 50 more years of golf!  That is outstanding news!  I am looking forward sharing this time with friends and meeting many more awesome like-minded people.  Golf truly is a fantastic sport!

I am a grateful golfer!  See you on the links!

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