The Open Championship – Who Is Your Pick?

The Open 2015I wrote this on and thought I would share my thoughts on who is going to win The Open Championship! What do you think?

After many weeks of waiting, The Open Championship is finally here. The golfing world is ready to see the top players tee it up on the famous and historic Old Course at St. Andrews. Steeped in tradition, it is second behind The Masters as the Major to win.

We never tire from watching professional golfers slay or get slain in the Scottish countryside year in and year out.

I do not follow the odds makers when picking the winner of any Major championships because I believe there are too many variables to consider. So here is my slant on the upcoming Open Championship.

The obvious choice is Jordan Spieth. He is the best golfer in the world right now and is head and shoulders above the field. However, not playing in the Scottish Open will hurt him. He will be coming off a strong finish at the John Deere Classic, but playing a links-style course like St. Andrews needs some preparation.

Additionally, his travel to Scotland from Illinois, USA will take its toll on him physically and mentally. For this reason, I predict Spieth will finish fifth.

Finishing fourth, Rickie Fowler. Winning the Scottish Open in dramatic fashion will boost his confidence and should carry over to The Open Championship. Fowler is a streaky player and if his nerves hold this week, good things will happen.

Finishing third, Phil Mickelson. Mickelson is a tough competitor. His play of late is improving, however his play at St. Andrews is always good. His short game is still as sharp as ever and he will need every part of it to play well in the upcoming week. If Mickelson gets hot on the putting surface, he may even contend for the Claret Jug.

Finishing second, Adam Scott. Everyone forgets about Scott. He has quietly gone about his business and always seems to be in the thick of things on Sunday during the Majors. He has the total game to win at The Old Course as long as his putting stays strong, which is his Achilles heel. However, this weekend he will be in the last group vying for another Major Championship on Sunday afternoon.

Finishing first, Dustin Johnson. Since coming back after a leave of absence from professional golf, Johnson is the second best player in the world. He accurately hits the ball a country mile and has a very strong short game. Yes, everyone points at his 3-putt at The US Open on the last hole, but I can overlook that mental error. Taking the week off will aid Johnson to start strong and keep the pressure on the field for the entire 4 days.

As always, I select a dark horse. A player who has an outside chance to win, but the odds are not in their favour. For The Open Championship this year, Graeme McDowell is my dark horse. I selected him to be the outright winner last October, but I am less confident now. He has the game to win and understands the “Links Mentality”. For McDowell to have an opportunity to win, but he will have to play better than he has lately.

There you have it. The Open Championship is upon us and the golfing world is ready to for the action. I have selected Dustin Johnson as The Open Champion and to raise the Claret Jug above his head on Sunday. It is fitting that this prestigious Major will be his first of many.

11 thoughts on “The Open Championship – Who Is Your Pick?

  1. Ok here goes. Louis Oosthuizen is my pick with Jason Day in second. I picked Jason for Chambers Bay but vertigo ruined his chances. Hopefully the beautiful swing of Louis O will see him through from beginning to end.

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  2. Hi Jim, Second Major, really, everyone I know thinks The Open, as the oldest is the most prized Major. The Claret Jug is the most coveted Golf trophy. Pete

    On Tue, Jul 14, 2015 at 11:16 AM, The Grateful Golfer wrote:

    > The Grateful Golfer posted: “I wrote this on and > thought I would share my thoughts on who is going to win The Open > Championship! What do you think? After many weeks of waiting, The Open > Championship is finally here. The golfing world is ready to see the top > players”

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    • Pete

      I respect your view for sure. I love watching The Open Championship for many reasons, but since I was little, The Masters was the event I liked to watch the most. Regardless, I am looking forward to seeing the field this weekend!


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      • Jim, I’m with you on this one. The Masters is the most sought after title because of the lifetime exemption. It’s the easiest of the four majors to win because of the smaller field with all the ex champions who have no chance, but there’s something about being the first major of the year, and the right of spring. In my mind, no course or event can rival Augusta National for beauty and drama. As far as must-see golf on TV, I would rank them as follows:
        1) Masters
        2) Ryder Cup
        3) US Open
        4) The Open
        5) PGA Championship
        6) THE PLAYERS

        The US Open has been disappointing the last two years and is getting pushed by the others. I think it makes a comeback in ’16 at Oakmont. Either way, they’re all tremendous entertainment. Enjoy the action starting tomorrow!



      • Brian

        I would agree with your list, but put The Open Championship second. Especially if it is played at The Old Course! Thanks for weighing and I am ready for the action tomorrow!



  3. Jim,

    Good pick in DJ! It would be nice to seem him get redemption. I’m sticking with my early season prediction of Sergio. At this point, I have no real reason to think he’ll win this major, except that I have a feeling that if he is ever going to win one, this is the place he can do it. A lot of great story lines with Spieth, Tiger, DJ, Scott, Rickie, and even Phil. Can’t wait!


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  4. DJ, bold pick! I’m still going with Scott, but picture this scenario: DJ and Sergio coming to the Road Hole on Sunday two shots clear of Phil who’s just shot 66 and is the leader in the clubhouse. The crafty old lefty against the two kings of giveaway. Whom would you favor?

    Where did G-Mac come from?



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    • Brian

      You always ask the tough questions. Right now, I pick Rickie Fowler because of his win last week at the Scottish Open. But given how things will unfold, DJ is my man this weekend.

      I felt that McDowell was going to have a good 2015. He was an early pick of mine to win The Open Championship, but he is not playing well this year. I still fell he has the game to surprise everyone! So, he is my dark horse for this week.

      It is going to be exciting!


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