Two Putting Rules That Will Lower Your Golf Score!

Putting is the most unique stroke in golf. The number of variations of grips, stances, and swing motions are almost impossible to count. Knowing this, most advice given to beginners or novice players tends to hover around the preferences of the teacher. Sometimes this is not a bad thing especially if the technique fits the student. Continue reading


Qualifying to Play Golf

second-placeOne of the things I like about golf is the requirement of a few players to qualify to play in a professional golf tournament. It is very stressful for these ‘up and comers’ (and some times players past their prime), but it is a necessary path to play on the PGA and LPGA Tours.

For years, I had to qualify to play golf on our Base team. I have mentioned military competitions before and part of the right of passage is that there are no free rides. Over the years, I have worked my way up the standings such that making the team was expected, but that is where things get challenging sometimes.

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Does Spam Hurt Your Game?

When I started The Grateful Golfer in 2012, it was difficult to imagine I would be still writing today. As I continued to learn and evolve my writing, I found that the one thing that was fundamental to my success was the consistency of effort.

Within a few short days of starting my blog, I was inundated with spam! I would receive 10x more spam than actual views. It was a bit disheartening to be blasted with so much negative information. To date, my anti-spam app has blocked 157,499 attempts negative spam messages. The worst month was in 2014 with over 23,000 attempts. At first, I would check out the spam hits to see if any were legit, but I soon realized that they were not and I have stopped checking. I waiting for the day when my actual views eclipses the spam hits (and this should be around August of this year). Before you leave, there is a caboose at the end of this train of thought. Continue reading