Does Spam Hurt Your Game?

When I started The Grateful Golfer in 2012, it was difficult to imagine I would be still writing today. As I continued to learn and evolve my writing, I found that the one thing that was fundamental to my success was the consistency of effort.

Within a few short days of starting my blog, I was inundated with spam! I would receive 10x more spam than actual views. It was a bit disheartening to be blasted with so much negative information. To date, my anti-spam app has blocked 157,499 attempts negative spam messages. The worst month was in 2014 with over 23,000 attempts. At first, I would check out the spam hits to see if any were legit, but I soon realized that they were not and I have stopped checking. I waiting for the day when my actual views eclipses the spam hits (and this should be around August of this year). Before you leave, there is a caboose at the end of this train of thought.

blair-making-a-shotMy trails and tribulations of starting a golf blog parallel the challenges faced by a golfer just taking up the game and the higher handicap player trying to improve their game. I look at all the information on the web at their finger tips and have come to realize that without any real effort, they are spammed with information.

One of the real challenges, like when I first start The Grateful Golfer, was trying to figure out the good information from the bad. It can be very overwhelming for any inexperienced (and experienced) player to figure out how to proceed with the proper information for their game. Even more dangerous for the fledgling player is the spam they receive on the range! Poor players giving advice and swearing it is the answer generally inhibits a novice’s development. Unfortunately for the novice, they do not realize they were just spammed.

This is reality of starting to play golf. Of course, taking lessons from a professional is likely the best course of action to learn how to golf or golf better. That is a personal choice and there is no real right answer.

However, the only real advice I can offer for that beginner or novice player is focus on the consistency of effort. Stick with it! You will make some mistakes, but over time you will get better. And just as important, you will realize when you are being spammed.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

6 thoughts on “Does Spam Hurt Your Game?

  1. Jim,

    As you and Brian have already touched on, getting lessons tailored for your ability and game are the way to go. Lots of beginners don’t want to spend the money and therefore find themselves trying to sort through way too much info out there!


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  2. I’d be happy to help with your spam problem. I’ve been doing web and database development for years. Your comment section needs some tweaks to limit the spam you get. I say limit, because you can’t stop someone from typing them in by hand, but with what you have right now, there is nothing to stop anyone from writing a script to automate the process of sending you emails. It would take me maybe 15 or twenty minutes to do something like that and you would get them all day and night until I turned it off. Not that I am that kind of guy, but I have often used the same type of process to automate posting to forms on the web or gather data like competitors pricing an thousands of products for businesses of all types. It’s not hard when you know how. And kids for some stupid reason seem to think it’s fun to make your life miserable when they get into web dev.

    I haven’t tried to figure out what system you are using. I assume its word press based or one of the many others, Which ever one it is, a CAPTCHA added to the page will stop the script kiddies from playing. That usually takes care of the biggest portion of the issue and is simple to do for most of those systems. There is no charge for most of them. Google provided the last one I implemented for free.

    Send me a note and I will happily provide you with my number.

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    • Kevin

      That is very generous. Akismet seems to have solve most of the problems now. I only see about 200 in a month. As The Grateful Golfer grows in popularity, the problem has become less. Thanks for the offer and I will definitely keep you in mind. Have an awesome Friday.



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