My First Round Went As Expected – Sort Of

My first round of golf for 2021 is in the books. On Monday past, Blair, Rick, Fernando and I teed up for the first of many rounds to come. We had three seasons of golf in one round starting with a cool fall breezy conditions, then warm sunny summer conditions, and finally cool spring rainy weather. It is a good thing I was prepared for all three. Not to worry, the weather was a non-factor for me because I was grateful to be golfing. For the most part, my round was great fun and I met most of my expectations.

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Does One Shot Make A Difference In Golf

As I watch the games during ‘March Madness’, I am often struck at how one shot seems to change the momentum of a game. I know from my years of competing in various sports that one shot sometimes makes a tremendous difference in the outcome of a game. And, I bet you are wondering if one shot makes a difference in golf. I would suggest that it does; actually one shot could turn the tide of your entire round.

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Are You Being A Grateful Golfer?

When you hit the links, are you being a grateful golfer? Some of you reading todays article have a tee time for later (lucky you). Some of us have to go into our cold garage, start a fire, wait for the temperature to rise, and hit balls into a net. While others, sit at home patiently waiting for the golf courses to open. Regardless of your situation, it is still possible to be a grateful golfer!

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Happy New Year – 2021


With 2020 behind us, it is time to look forward with hope and anticipation for 2021. 2020 had many ups and downs on and off the course. However, now is the start of something awesome.

I will create the year I want and will be grateful for all the blessings in my life.

I hope you and your special loved ones have a healthy and joyous new year in 2021!

Happy New Year!

Goodbye 2020 – It Is Time For A New Golf Season

Well, we made it! Today is the last day of 2020 and I am sure there is no one sad to see it leave. Without going through all the nause, lets just agree that it is time to welcome 2021 with open arms. Look forward, I have a great sense of hope and positivity! I do not begrudge the golfing conditions last year because given all the restrictions, I believe the management and staff at Osprey Links Golf Course did an outstanding job limiting the impact of COVID on our golf game. Given that 2021 offers a greater opportunity to golf an entire season, I am happy to say goodbye to 2020.

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