Being Grateful For Golf and Life

My motivation to play golf this year is as high as normal. I think about all the fun times I could be having on the course when I get a minute to think. This year, I have a few more life things going on that is preventing me from maximizing my time on my new course. This current trend is nothing new for all golfers as we try to juggle our regular lives with the time commitment to play golf. With all that is going on, I wonder if I should close a few golf doors in order to reduce the pull of activity from other sources.

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How Quickly Things Change On The Golf Course

Like the weather this time of year, our fortunes on the golf course can change in a blink of an eye. A poor or lucky bounce can turn a birdie into an other with no remorse. This unknown factor is just one reason I love golf. An this is the reason why I am excited to play my first round of 2022 tomorrow at Osprey Links Golf Course.


The surprise of being able to play came quick. I was anticipating no playing until May, but the course has dried up enough to play the back nine. My mindset of waiting to play golf this year did a 180° about turn to get ready time is short. Of course, I have been anticipating this announcement for weeks and my equipment is clean and ready to go. It is going to be a great day on many levels.

This is what my second shot of 2022 will look like!

For tomorrow, I have zero expectations. Hitting the links is all about reconnecting with my friends, playing golf, and enjoying the moment. The score is irrelevant as I likely will only play 9 holes (that is a game day decision). Regardless, my 2022 golf season is starting I am a truly grateful I can play another year.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

When Is It Ever Going To Stop!

Good Morning grateful golfers! I hope you having a terrific Tuesday. Being 27 April, I did not think I would wake up to this:

I understand that Mother Nature has a sense of humour, but come on! Golf season cannot start with the white stuff still falling!

Regardless, I am going to improve my 3 foot space today. As well, I am going to embrace the joys of what this terrific Tuesday has to bring. I wish you all well and if nothing else, have a grateful day!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Happy New Year – 2022


With 2021 behind us, it is time to look forward with hope and anticipation for 2022. 2021 had many ups and downs on and off the course. However, now is the start of something awesome.

I will create the year I want and will be grateful for all the blessings in my life.

I hope you and your special loved ones have a healthy and joyous new year in 2022!

Happy New Year!

Relaxing On Boxing Day in 2021

Unlike last year, there will be in store sales this boxing day. In the past, I would sometimes check things out just incase they drastically reduce the price of certain items. Well, this year I do not see anything different than in the past. Additionally, I feel zero compulsion to engage in non-essential shopping, eating and socializing especially given the change in the community over the past month. So, I have decided to just relax and enjoy more quality time with my family.

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