Life Lessons Using Golf Balls

I really do not have anything golf to talk about, but this is one of my favourite life lessons. I have talked about it before, but is still worth sharing!

Have a wonderful Wednesday! I agree that spending time with friends (having a beer) is always a good thing!

If nothing else, remember to be grateful and to focus on the golf balls.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Three Bad Shots Cost Me Shooting Under Par

During my great round yesterday, After the first eight holes I felt I had a solid chance to shoot under par. This milestone is the golden ticket for me and I cruising towards success. I was hitting the ball very well, my chips were solid and my putting was smooth. It appeared that the stars had aligned and an under par score was in my grasp. That is until I hit three poor shots that cost my four strokes. Let me lament!

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Sometimes Golf Is Very Frustrating

Yesterday’s round has to fall into the category of frustrating. Part of the reason was that I played mediocre and the rest was purely the pace of play. I realize that if this is might seem like small potatoes, but there is a rhythm to my game and yesterday’s 4 hours and 45 minutes crushed any chance I had to develop any momentum. I found myself being overly frustrated with my many poor shots and could do nothing to change my mental approach to my game. But wait, there is much more!

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Scoring Well, But Playing Weak Golf

Have you ever played a round of golf where you scored well, but left so many strokes on the course it was frustrating. Well, that is exactly what happened to me yesterday. I shot 79 (a good score considering) and I only hit 3 greens in regulation. It was a crazy round and there was nothing I could do to change my fortune. I started off mediocre and finished a bit stronger than the beginning. So, why do I think I scored well by played weak golf? Let me tell you.

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Rumblings And Rumours About Golf

Being the only province/state in North America that does not allow golf, players frustration is at an all time high. The efforts of many in the industry to convince the powers to be have fallen on deaf ears. As I try to remain grateful about not looping the links during absolutely gorgeous weather, a positive sign of the things to come are slipping through the cracks. The Ontario Government has indicated that green spaces may be open sooner than later and that this lockdown is likely to be the last. All of these rumblings and rumours are a positive sign for any golfer.

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