Playing Out Of Trouble On The Golf Course

At least once every round, I am in a position where I feel like I am in trouble. I usually can extricate my ball, but not always. After much thought I have figured out the no fail way always get back in play. I researched, read, watched video and consulted the greats and I now have it! Are you ready for the answer:

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Are You A Serious Golfer?

I would consider myself a serious golfer. Well, to a degree I do because as an amateur there are limitations to my abilities and motivation to be a better players. This is an unfortunate reality for most players who at one time in their career were too involved to realize that their “dedication” to the game was actually hurting their scores. This seems to be the case for Jordan Spieth as he recently explains during an interview.


My First 18 Holes of the 2020 Golf Season

Spring golf is a crap-shoot in my area. The weather is so unpredictable that forecasting when we play an entire 18 holes is a challenge. In years past, I have played a full round as early as 8 April, but alas this year it was on 1 June! Regardless, my golf season has officially started in earnest because I can loop the entire course at Osprey Links. So, what is next?

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Forget It, I am Done!

Not sure if the title caught your attention, but it is how I am feeling right now. If you rolled all my golf challenges up into a little ball it would be the “Stay Puffed” monster from Ghost Busters! Golf sucks and this COVID thing can just hit the road. Worst of all, I am stress that I will never reach any goals…..okay, I have to stop. I about kick my own butt for being dopey!

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The Amazing Spirit of A Small Community

I recently moved to the small town of Mattawa, Ontario. It is my wife’s hometown and our decision was driven by the desire to be closer to family. Over the years, I have visited this beautiful town that was built around the junction of the Mattawa and Ottawa rivers. The scenery is fantastic, especially in the fall, but I never really understood the pride of so many of the people who live in Mattawa. That is until I moved here!

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