Witnessing an Albatross or a Hole-In-One

I have never witnessed an albatross in person. I have watched Louis O make one on TV, but I have never seen this elusive shot live. Obviously I have never made an Albatross, but I have made 3 holes in one. Either feat is amazing, but to witness both or more importantly make both is something that rarely happens in golf…..or does it?

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Being A Grateful Golfer

I came across an awesome video on Twitter today. Talk about being an grateful golfer! I just had to share.

I was impressed by the young ladies confidence and her ability to enjoy the moment. Something all golfers should aspire too!

Have an awesome day and remember to create the day you want!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

The High of Christmas is Over….Or Is It?

As a parent, I have always found it fun to watch my daughter open her presents at Christmas. The smile on her face and joy she expressed was enough present for me. She is older now, but that feeling I have watching joy expressed by my loved ones has not waned. I am confident you feel the same way. For me, it is the spirit of giving that makes Christmas special. But I wonder if the high of Christmas really only lasts one day or is it possible to spread that cheer all year round? What do you think? Continue reading