If You Don’t Want The Answer…..

Teaching golf is challenging!

I know you can finish the start of this question. I have lived by the following thought for most of my life. I can honestly admit, that I have done this and some responses have really caused me to think:

Never ask a question if you are not prepared for an honest answer!

I believe we learn from asking questions; it helps expand our knowledge and understanding of a specific topic and it also can guide us on making changes in the future. There are many aspect to asking questions, but regardless, we must be prepared to hear something unexpected.
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Golf Accepts All Players

Anyone can play golf. It is a sport that regardless of you physical abilities, you can grab a set of clubs and hit the links. Like all activities, the desire to play is the limiting factor. If someone does not want to loop the course, no amount of persuasion is going to drag them to the first tee. And yet, golf patiently waits for them to change their mind. Continue reading

Oh, Just Forget It! Golf Is Not For Me!

Stop trying to help my game! You are really no better than me, what makes you think you are helping? Is it really important to tell me what I did wrong after every swing? These and many other complaints are said all the time around the golf course. Many well-intentioned players think they can help their spouse, friend, or stranger by analysing someone’s swing. I can tell you without a doubt that these “helpful” golfers are not helping! Continue reading

Does Spam Hurt Your Game?

When I started The Grateful Golfer in 2012, it was difficult to imagine I would be still writing today. As I continued to learn and evolve my writing, I found that the one thing that was fundamental to my success was the consistency of effort.

Within a few short days of starting my blog, I was inundated with spam! I would receive 10x more spam than actual views. It was a bit disheartening to be blasted with so much negative information. To date, my anti-spam app has blocked 157,499 attempts negative spam messages. The worst month was in 2014 with over 23,000 attempts. At first, I would check out the spam hits to see if any were legit, but I soon realized that they were not and I have stopped checking. I waiting for the day when my actual views eclipses the spam hits (and this should be around August of this year). Before you leave, there is a caboose at the end of this train of thought. Continue reading

Stretching Your Success Mindset in Golf

I am always amazed by the mental aspects of golf. There are many different approaches to improving our success mindset in golf, however all these choices just complicate the issue for me. I constantly try to make positive steps towards my ultimate golf goal and sometimes I forget the simple things that make all the difference between moving forward or stagnating.

Not seeing the forest for the trees is debilitating for a golfer. We have so many thoughts racing through our minds when playing and practicing, that I a surprised any positive golf thoughts can make it through the white noise! I have talked about creating a winning mindset before and as I grow as a player, I realize it is important to simplify my mental game to really be successful.  Continue reading