Oh, Just Forget It! Golf Is Not For Me!

Stop trying to help my game! You are really no better than me, what makes you think you are helping? Is it really important to tell me what I did wrong after every swing? These and many other complaints are said all the time around the golf course. Many well-intentioned players think they can help their spouse, friend, or stranger by analysing someone’s swing. I can tell you without a doubt that these “helpful” golfers are not helping!

Teaching golf is challenging!

I feel for the beginner who is saddled with this type of person. Most of the time, they increase the frustration level of any new player by not giving the player time to absorb anything, change too many things too quickly, or is teaching their own bad habits. No matter how you slice it, not knowing how to teach can lead to some tense moments on the range.

Through the years I have made some mistakes when providing advice. The most challenging was with my wife and fortunately we have solved this problem. And now our time on the links is very enjoyable. This and other situations have shaped how I approach giving advice on the golf course.

It is very straight forward, I do not give advice unless asked. That is it. Nothing more complicated than that. And when I am asked, I keep my recommendation to one thing and suggest the asker hit the range to solve their woes. Additionally, I recommend that players think about taking a lesson or two so they can benefit from a real teacher and start to enjoy playing golf.

So, if I was to give advice to all those helpful players out there, don’t. Enjoy your game and let the beginner discover their passion for golf at their own speed. You never know, they might be naturals and will soon be giving you advice.

I am a grateful golfer. See you on the links.


8 thoughts on “Oh, Just Forget It! Golf Is Not For Me!

  1. Sir,
    I run across this sort often. They bring to mind the main character from Jack London’s, To Build a Fire-
    “He was quick and alert in the things of life, but only in the things, and not in their significances…”
    Cheers, Seth


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