Hitting a 5-Iron a Country Mile!

As golfers, we are always curious about how far others can hit their clubs. I generally ask when someone tags a great shot just to understand what club their are using in hopes that it will give me a hint for my shot. Of course their answer does not really affect how I am going to hit my ball, but sometimes I am amazed at how far they hit some clubs. This is especially true when I asked others how far, on average, do they hit their 5-iron!

To start, I hit my 5-iron, on average about 175 – 180 yards. This would be a standard distance with no wind and on a level ground. This does not include any roll, but in the air. I feel that this is a good distance for my game because I am under control and feel a solid tempo. With most golfers I talk to, they are within 5 yards either way of this distance. So, I feel that my distances is relatively normal. That is until I asked the following question:

Almost 50% of the respondents hit their 5-iron farther than me. I think that is a pretty high number considering I had many side responses that pegged their average distance in the 190 to 200 yards. The highest someone reported was was 210 yards. That is a long 5-iron!

After reading all the responses, I started to think about how far I actually hit my clubs. Interestingly, I still feel that I hit a reasonable middle iron and that it would be nice to have the extra distance, but at what cost. I am normally very straight and if I miss it is because I over-swing to try and squeeze out an extra few yards. Generally, this happens when I am between clubs.

The next question I had to ask myself was if I needed to join the ranks of the other players hitting the ball farther with my 5-iron. Then I realized that to do so, I would have to make a complete swing make over and I am not sure that this is the smart course of action. A drastic swing change because of one club does not really make sense to me; does it to you?

So, I figure I will not make any swing changes and accept that I hit my 5-iron on average between 175-180 yards. I will course manage my shot selection and accept what my natural, controlled swing provides. This is a good suggestion for my fellow players. Sometimes it is best to hone what skills we have to lower our score, than to chase something that may or may not be possible.

What do you think? Should we chase distance all the time or work with what swing we naturally use?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

10 thoughts on “Hitting a 5-Iron a Country Mile!

  1. For the longest I have chased distance, but I have found out swinging with a control swing puts me on the green. With knowledge of your Club distance you are better able to do course management. I believe distance is hype all you have to do is watch the professionals, and a few of your scratch buddies who play golf and you will find out that smooth controlled swings will put you closer to the pin.

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  2. Stay with what works. I recently changed my driver, to gain some extra yardage,didn’t work. Hit it further OK, but not on the fairway. Back to the old driver, until I find a way of hitting the new one straighter.


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  3. Jim, wise decision not to chase distance. I’ve found that through lessons, my pro has corrected some technique and through that avenue I’ve enjoyed a distance boost. But to be clear, I didn’t seek assistance with more distance, it just came with better technique.

    Have you sought out your local pro to start your instruction yet? I thought you mentioned you would in an earlier post.

    Good luck!


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    • Brian,

      I have not, but planning to see him this week to set up a time. The weather has been so poor here that I did not want to waste the little bit of playing time we had. Thanks for the reminder.

      Cheers Jim


  4. My take is never go chasing distance by yourself. If you feel you must hit the ball farther, get help from a pro. Most of us are capable of more distance because most of us cast to one degree or another and don’t hit ball first as often or well as we should. We don’t need to swing harder, just better. I know this from experience. I know my distances pretty well and judge my club selection accordingly. But every once in awhile, I will get a ton more distance from one. Using the 5 iron as an example, I’m like you. 175-180 is my normal range. But I’ve hit my 7 iron that far on more than one occasion too and that’s 20-30 yards past my normal. It’s always a shock when it happens. I was not trying or thinking of getting more when I do it. It just happens when I get every little thing right. I hit the ball off the center of the club face, held the lag until the last possible instant, and hit ball first. Sometimes it’s helpfull, and sometimes it’s not depending on whether it was teeing off, laying up, or making an approach shot. I would love to do it with every swing, but I really don’t think it’s likely to happen without professional help because I never know exactly what I did right so I can recreate it. It just happens and not all that often though I’ve done it with pretty much every club in the bag at one time or another over the years from 150 yard pitching wedges to 300+ yards drives on flat ground at sea level during the winter months when the air is more dense.

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    • Kevin

      We are in agreement. Not chasing something with my golf swing is most times the prudent answer. I am going to take lessons this spring, and we shall see what the pro says. Thanks.

      Cheers Jim


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