Golf Course Review: North Granite Ridge Golf Club

Mike and Jim at the first hole!

Recently, I had the pleasure of playing a course in my local area. On Sunday morning past, my friend Mike called and asked if I wanted to play North Granite Ridge near Port Sydney. To my dismay, I had to look up this great track because I had never heard it before. After looking at the course on line, I jumped at the chance to play at this ‘new to me’ course and playing North Granite Ridge met one of my goals to play 5 ‘new to me’ courses in 2019. Thanks Mike for giving me a call and letting me join you for 27 holes of fun!

First the details:

  • Red – 5049 yards – Rating 65.6 – Slope 112
  • White – 5752 yards – Rating 68.5 – Slope 126
  • Blue – 6163 yards – Rating 70.5 – Slope 129

Before going in deeper to the details of the course, I want to congratulate North Granite Ridge for offering tee/handicap recommendation. I rarely see this information and think it is a great service to someone playing North Granite Ridge for the first time.

Upon arrival we were met by Graham Polmateer in the ProShop. He was a wealth of information about the course. We also struck up a conversation about golf in general and he expressed his desire to grow the traffic at North Granite Ridge. He worked there years ago and returned to help place this gem on the golfing map. He has some great ideas and I hope to venture back in the fall to see how things are going.

The customer service at North Granite Ridge was outstanding. Graham was brilliant to talk too (on a side note, there was a sale in the ProShop Mike and I could not resist), but he was only the tip of the iceberg. I enjoyed talking to Megan who worked in the ProShop and was in charge of building their social media footprint. The course offered a barbecue between nines the offered delicious burgers and drinks, which was a very nice touch. Finally, we met Don, the starter, on the first tee.

It was great talking to Don before playing!

Don provided many fantastic hints about the course. He told us about the tree on the on the 4th hole and about how the greens had more subtle breaks than it first seemed. A fun thing happened when we were chatting, we have a connection back in North Bay – we both have the same car dealer….go figure. I love a course with a knowledgeable starter and Don definitely fit that bill. Customer service was a definite plus at North Granite Ridge!

The layout of the course was great fun. We played the Blues (Tips) because it rated the same as my home course. This allowed me to compare apples with apples. As it turned out it was the right decision. Mike and I particularly liked the way they used the terrain to shape this course; it offered many beautiful sights while looping the track.

View from the Tee Box on the first hole.

North Granite Ridge is a tight course that offers many challenges for players to pick the right shot. It is not a ‘boomers’ course, but one that challenges your course management skills. The length is a bit deceiving because on paper it looks short at only 6100 yards however, I found that if I did not keep the ball in play off the tee, I was destine for some bogeys and doubles. When I kept the ball in play, I was able to challenge each hole for a birdie or par.

5th hole looking backwards.

The greens are on the smaller side, yet should not be taken for granted. They have many subtle twists and turns that ensure you are paying attention. Mike and I had great fun deciphering their greens and I have to admit that Mike did a better job than I. Once he zeroed in on the speed, he was draining putts for all over.

The course was in fantastic shape. The fairways were well manicured and the greens rolled true. Considering it is still May, North Granite Ridge is ready for the season. There were a few wet spots, but they did not detract from any part of our experience. From the moment we walked on the course, Mike and I were very happy we decided to make the trek to play at this hidden gem.

View from Tee Box on 18th hole.

North Granite Ridge has something for everyone. Whether you are beginning to play, want an afternoon out golfing, or an experience player like myself, this is a golf course that would be worth a visit. I look forward to playing there again later in the season to really see how the condition of this course shines.

If you want to see more pictures, please visit The Grateful Golfer Facebook page and look at the Album titled North Granite Ridge Golf Club.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Golf Course Review: North Granite Ridge Golf Club

  1. Hi Jim!
    It really is a fun course and I enjoyed your review and the pics. It’s certainly tight in spots but mostly it’s a fun track! I’d love to play there in the fall, the wow factor would be incredible! Good to see you back playing!
    Cheers, Mike

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  2. Jim sounds like a great day. That customer service experience before you tee it up is the key. Positive experience seems to set the tone for the whole day and your overall impression of the operation. Next time I’m up your way, I’ll have to hit this track 🙂


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