Playing North Granite Ridge – The Tale Of Two Nines

Yesterday, I played 18 holes at North Granite Ridge with my friends Mike and Blair. We decided to travel the 1.5 hours to play this fun course in order to kick start our golf season. We showed up, registered and were sent out one hour early. The staff at the course were nice, polite and professional. We were happy to get of early and after a quick snack, we trundled off to the first tee. Mike and I have played this course in the past and the challenges of this 5700 yard track quickly came back. Although this the distance seems short, the architecture of cutting 18 holes out of the Canadian shield proved that shot making can be the at the forefront of any design.

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Golf Course Review: North Granite Ridge Golf Club

Mike and Jim at the first hole!

Recently, I had the pleasure of playing a course in my local area. On Sunday morning past, my friend Mike called and asked if I wanted to play North Granite Ridge near Port Sydney. To my dismay, I had to look up this great track because I had never heard it before. After looking at the course on line, I jumped at the chance to play at this ‘new to me’ course and playing North Granite Ridge met one of my goals to play 5 ‘new to me’ courses in 2019. Thanks Mike for giving me a call and letting me join you for 27 holes of fun!

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My Handicap Index Is In Correction Mode!

At the beginning of each golf season, my handicap index tailspins into correction mode. This year is no different except I did not play any substantial golf last year to help stem the tide. So, as I record my games at the Golf Canada website, my index is starting to rise. I am not sure how far my index will rise, but I am mentally prepared for whatever my game will present.

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