Now What? My Golf Course Is Closed!

The dreadful day has arrived when my beloved golf course, Osprey Links, is closed……for the season. Jeff Rogerson, GM, made the call because of the tremendous amount of rain, cooler weather, and to allow his staff to but the course to bed for the winter. Generally closing on 31 October, I figure that he decided that the long term benefit for the golf course would be to close a week early. Additionally, the business side of things probably weighed into this decision and with the forecast for cooler and wetter weather all week, I would say it is a good call!

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Golf Course Review: North Granite Ridge Golf Club

Mike and Jim at the first hole!

Recently, I had the pleasure of playing a course in my local area. On Sunday morning past, my friend Mike called and asked if I wanted to play North Granite Ridge near Port Sydney. To my dismay, I had to look up this great track because I had never heard it before. After looking at the course on line, I jumped at the chance to play at this ‘new to me’ course and playing North Granite Ridge met one of my goals to play 5 ‘new to me’ courses in 2019. Thanks Mike for giving me a call and letting me join you for 27 holes of fun!

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Expectations Kill The Golf Experience

Are you a member of a golf course? Do you fork out which seems tons of money to play regularly at your local golf course? Canada is a golfing mecca that is often overlooked by many of the world travelers. “There are 34,011 golf facilities in the world. More than 18,600 of those facilities are located in 204 countries outside of the United States. Canada is home to 13% of that worldwide supply (excluding the U.S.), and is one of only seven countries with more than 500 golf facilities. Even when factoring in the United States, which has 15,372 facilities, Canada comprises 7% of the total world supply. While golf is certainly a worldwide game, supply remains largely concentrated among the most golf-developed nations. In fact, excluding the United States’ supply, 70% of all golf facilities are located in only 10 countries, and 85% of all facilities worldwide are located in 20 nations.” (Golf Canada Report 2015) This is great news for Canada, however can expectations of regular golfers have an affect on their golfing experience.

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Customer Service at Seguin Valley Golf Club

Jim and Blair at Seguin Valley Golf Club

Recently, I was invited to play a round of golf by Darwin Howard at the Seguin Valley Golf Club. Darwin offered the full Seguin Valley experience and my friend Blair and I decided to take him up on his generous offer. The trip consisted of 1 nights accommodation, supper, breakfast and a round of golf! After figuring out the final logistics, Blair and I headed out to Parry Sound in the pouring rain on  Monday. We were excited to play Seguin Valley on Tuesday, but we really did not know what expect; I can assure you, we were not disappointed! Continue reading

Great Customer Service is What Makes a Great Golf Experience

Roundel Glen Logo (1)

Customer Service is critical to a fantastic golfing experience!

Customer service separates just playing golf from a great golfing experience! Most golfers remembers a golf course, but the real treasure is when they remember the golfing experience at a golf course.

You know what I mean. From the moment you drive on to the property until the time you leave, you are treated with respect and a feeling of welcome. Many large resorts bend over backwards to have everything at your fingertips. They have a large operating budget and you also pay for this type of quality service. However, the golfing experience I am referring too follows this same business model, yet on a smaller scale!

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