Playing Golf At Seguin Valley Golf Club

I am playing golf at Seguin Valley Golf Club on Tuesday. I have never played this track, but it comes highly recommended by some of the players I met during the Senior Men’s Ryder Cup matches last week. I am going down on Monday to stay overnight in one of the cabins to enjoy the entire Seguin Valley experience.

It took Seguin Valley Golf Club founder Robert McRae 15 years to stitch together 2,000 acres—a rugged but stirring parcel of Precambrian Shield wilderness just south of Parry Sound—before his dream of a unique golf course set upon 400 of those acres began to take shape in 1998. (Seguin Valley Golf Course)

I have an affinity with Robert McRae, who was a former RCAF Pilot and the original founder, because I am a serving member of the RCAF. Brothers in Arms always support each other! I am interested to see if Seguin Valley has blossomed into the fantastic golf course he envisioned. Reopened in 2010, Seguin Valley appears to have tremendous potential and Mike Feldman seems to have the vision to create a must attend course.

Here are the details about Seguin Valley Golf Club:

  • Location & Mailing Address: 144 Badger Road, Seguin, Ontario, P2A 2W8
  • Tel:  Toll Free 1-866-826-4080; Local: 705-378-2555; Fax : 705-378-1903

I was invited to play Seguin Valley by the current golf course Superintendent  – Darwin Howard. He is a friend of a friend of mine, Jeremy Sizer from Roundel Glen Golf course. If Darwin is half as committed as Jeremy to shaping and developing the Seguin Valley Golf Club, then Seguin Valley is in fantastic hands. I look forward to talking to Darwin and hopefully gain some more insight as to why Segiun Valley should be on everyone’s must play list!

The pictures and videos of the course look awesome! I am excited to play this course and as a taster to my upcoming review, the 7th hole looks so much fun to play. What do you think?

My first impression is that the front, due to its length, is more challenging than the back. But, who can really tell from pictures. I am not sure which tees to play, but, likely we will play the gold. What do you think?

As stated earlier, my friend and I will be staying at one of the three cabins. We figured it would be great to get there early and enjoy the entire Seguin Valley Golf Club experience. I am not sure what to expect, but if the cabins match the images of the course, everything will be fantastic.

Playing new golf courses are always great fun. Seguin Valley comes highly recommended and I am looking forward to hitting the links down south. Additionally, talking to Darwin will be a highlight and I hope to learn some of the intricacies of the course that transfer into some saved strokes. Regardless of how I play, I am looking forward to the entire Seguin Valley experience!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Written by Jim Burton from The Grateful Golfer blog.

9 thoughts on “Playing Golf At Seguin Valley Golf Club

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  2. Well we did a great job in the tournament today. We had two players over 70, another just a couple of years off, and I was the youngster of the group at 57 and we still tied for 2nd behind a team of 40 year olds with 2 huge hitters. We saw them hit a few 330+ yard drives so I was a little amazed we kept so close. The winners shot a 54 and we shot 57 which was awesome to be part of. 4 pars, 1 eagle, and 13 birdies makes for a fun day. My “A” game wasn’t with me, but somehow, I had the right shot when we needed it which made me feel a lot better about it. I hit the approach shot that gave us the eagle attempt and 3 or 4 that made birdies easy, and I dropped one 6 footer and a couple of 12-15 footers for birds. We putted in the same rotation on most every hole and it felt like our number two guy hardly ever missed so other than those 3 I only got two or three other chances to putt at all and our number 4 guy barely got to use his putter. All in all, I wish I’d done a little better personally, but my bad shots never really mattered and it was still a great day of golf.


    • Kevin

      Your round sounds awesome. As a team, it looks like everyone was dialed in. It is important to that all your team mates hit the right shots at the right times and with a score of 57, I would say you did that for sure. That score would win all the tournaments in my area for sure. Congrats to you and your team for such a great showing.



      • The best score any team I’ve been part of before was a 62 and I’ve never been a part of a team that got below that before. It does seem to be fairly common in the best ball tournaments around here though. In fact, I always kind of assumed when I saw scores like that turned in before that they had cheated. Now I have to apologize for those unkind thoughts.

        That said, unlike when my team shot that 62, this tournament had mulligans you could buy (max 2 per person) and one of the guys bought them for all of us and we used them all on approach shots during the game so don’t go thinking we’ll make a good Ryder Cup team. lol


      • Kevin

        That is too funny about thinking low score teams were taking an unfair advantage on everyone. 12 under is normal winning score for a scramble around here. Depending of the course, it is even lower. As a minimum, my teams always shoot for 10 under as the worst score and go lower from there. I have played in event where mulligans were used, it adds a bit of fun to the tournament.



  3. The course look beautiful. It reminds me that I really need to get out of Florida again and play some more courses up north. I so rarely get the chance to play on courses that include elevation changes down here in flat land. Here’s hoping you play well and get all the enjoyment possible from your trip. I’m off to bed now. Our tournament starts early in the morning.

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