Improving My Golf Experiences

Yesterday, I wrote an article self-analyzing my 2020 golf season. Overall, my play was very good and stopped short about how to improve my golf experiences in 2021. Considering all the negative factors due to COVID-19, I would rate my golfing experience as well above average. The team at Osprey Links Golf Course were innovative, responsive, and courteous through the trying times and as a result had a very positive impact on how I felt about playing golf last season.

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Sometimes In Golf We Just Have To Hit The Ball!

The ability to examine a golf shot in excruciating detail is skill that many amateurs develop as they work at lowering their handicap index. Swinging the golf club is definitely an important skill, but knowing what shot to hit when becomes as important, if not more, the closer you become to being a scratch golfer. I understand this because experience has taught me that the obvious shot is not necessarily the correct shot. Sometimes we need to examine more stressors before coming to the final conclusion. And this is were trouble begins!

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Pressing Your Advantage In Match Play

Playing in golf tournaments is great fun. I like all kinds of formats, but the game that has the most strategy is Match Play. There is always an element of mind games that never goes away. Depending on the how many strokes I give away (I have only received 1 stroke in the past 10 years) sets the stage on how I play the round. But, one aspect of my strategy rarely changes, when to press my advantage. Continue reading

Playing Golf At Seguin Valley Golf Club

I am playing golf at Seguin Valley Golf Club on Tuesday. I have never played this track, but it comes highly recommended by some of the players I met during the Senior Men’s Ryder Cup matches last week. I am going down on Monday to stay overnight in one of the cabins to enjoy the entire Seguin Valley experience.

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