Improving My Golf Experiences

Yesterday, I wrote an article self-analyzing my 2020 golf season. Overall, my play was very good and stopped short about how to improve my golf experiences in 2021. Considering all the negative factors due to COVID-19, I would rate my golfing experience as well above average. The team at Osprey Links Golf Course were innovative, responsive, and courteous through the trying times and as a result had a very positive impact on how I felt about playing golf last season.

As with all experiences, there is generally a couple of things that I think the golf course should keep that enhanced my golf experience. Additionally, there are a few things that I can do that will help and together these minor changes would make 2021 a better golfing year.

I thought that how we registered to play each day by booking tee times on line, paid up front for events, and the easy cancel process was an improvement for the how we booked to play. It was simple, easy and stress free. Additionally, it greatly reduce any wait times we had at the course during Men’s Night and Senior Men’s. I realize these changes were result of COVID, but it is something the course should consider keeping as we move forward.

Even hitting out the cabbage, golfing is always a great experience.

I like how we reported to the course. We drove up to the proshop where we were met by a smiling face that checked us in to play. They took car of everything relating to our round in moments and there was rarely any line up as the process progressed. Then we would head to the parking lot, prepare our equipment, and wait for our tee time. For a person who does not linger around the clubhouse often, this efficient check in process enhanced my golfing experience.

This year I fought several injuries. It was the first time that I had hip and ankle issues and I can tell you that I did not like it. I believe that these physical challenges were caused by not taking my off-season training serious enough. So, that will change this year so that I can play injury free for the season. Being healthy and physically fit to golf is very important and it is something that needs constant attention.

Play in a few more tournaments would be great as well. I had some success last year playing in tournaments. I was in the prizes for three of four events and I enjoyed the competitions. I think next year I would like to play in a few more. I think I will actively look for a couple of stroke events in the area and see how I stack up against players from other courses. After playing in a few tournaments in 2020, I realized how much I missed competitions. So, to enhance my experiences in 2021 I think I would like to play in a few more events.

I had planned to play several new courses in my area in 2020. Unfortunately, COVID crushed that idea. I am hoping with that 2021 will offer greater opportunities to play different tracks. The two at the top of my must play list are Sequin Valley and Cobble Beach. I have been trying to play both of these courses for a few years, but nothing seems to ever work out. Hopefully, I can make this happen because that would be really improve my golf experiences next year.

Lastly, I would like to take a golf vacation to Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia Canada. I have dreamed of playing Cabot Links and Cabot Cliffs for many years. It seems that whenever I am ready to take the plunge, life challenges get in the way. Well, I am hoping that 2021 will be a better year for traveling. If I am able to play at those two courses on a vacation, my golfing experience for 2021 would be through the roof. We shall see how things unfold.

Golfing is meant to be fun. I think that I make the most out of the time I dedicate to my passion. However, there is always just a little bit more I can do make the overall season a huge success. Most the changes are on me and how I approach my golf season. I am working towards making 2021 the best golf season to date.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


6 thoughts on “Improving My Golf Experiences

  1. This year turned out a lot better than it first appeared. On one hand, I could not travel outside the province due to the pandemic and I had to cancel several trips. In fact my only overnight trip was to North Bay and we played together with the hickory clubs.

    I have played 93 rounds this year with the old clubs and have managed to play several of The oldest courses in Canada including Niagara on the Lake, Cherry Hill, Dundas Valley, St. Thomas and several others. Tomorrow I am playing at Brantford Golf Club, the fourth oldest golf course in North America. It has been a good year including my first hickory hole in one, and getting it at historic Cherry Hill was icing on the cake.

    I took a foursome to Cape Breton two years ago and intended to go in 2020 but of course could not. The Cabot courses are exceptional and I highly recommend it despite the cost. Two of us played our hickory clubs at Cabot Cliffs on a windy (40km winds) early October day and we have to go back again.

    I hope that your off season training goes well. We also must make a few adjustments as we get older, I have slowed my swing down and this has allowed me to play in excess of 160 rounds this year. Swinging too hard in your sixties can have injury consequences. I don’t hit the ball as far but have gained accuracy. I rarely hit balls on the range even though I live in the middle of a golf course. I do spend a lot of time on the short game.

    Have a good off season and I hope we get to play together next year.


  2. Hi Jim, I played Cobble Beach yesterday. We teed of at 3 degrees so the ball was not going far and conditions were wet. Despite this, we really enjoyed the course and I recommend it. You can stay on property there and the facilities are first class. My friend golfer Seguin Valley this year and he said the conditions were rough. Hopefully they will get back up to standard next year. I had my plane ticket to plan Cabot Trail and Cliffs in June this year but had to cancel. I also have the old courses in UK on my list but will have to wait a few years for that. Take good care. Jacques

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  3. I’m expecting this coming winter golf season to be the best so far. Since I have free golf outside my door I’ll certainly get to spend more time out there and I hope that (and maybe a lesson or two) will give me what I need to catch you where my handicap is concerned before your season starts. Since I’m not keeping track at present I can’t be sure, but I’m thinking I’ve dropped from the 7 I was last year already. It’s how much that I don’t know yet. But my tracking scores will start soon I think. My injury is healed and I’d just like a few more weeks with the practice I’ve been doing and I think I’ll be ready to go. The only issue with my courses at home is that they are useless for handicapping purposes as they don’t have slope or rating indexes. But they are great for practicing or just enjoying the game.

    And I’ve decided to pick up a 5 wood or maybe a 2 hybrid. A fitting will help decide that. I’d really like to see what a Cobra one length 2 hybrid would be like to hit at least. And as to new courses, there is a list of the top 75 courses in the state and I’ve only played 7 of them so I have lots to choose from including the top two (Streamsong and TPC Sawgrass). Getting to play one or two more of them would be nice, but I’ll play that one by ear as I’m not ready to trust things are as safe as our governor and President tell us they are where the virus is concerned.

    Of course I’m wishing you and everyone the best of luck out there. Unless maybe were playing against each other. 😂

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    • Kevin,

      Sounfs like you have the makings of a great plan tonimprove your goilfing experiences. HAVING so many awesome courses so close is a boon for sure. As for playing against each other…..well all I wouldnsaybis play well (maybe not too well though 🤣🤣🤣)

      Cheers Jim


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