If You Could Teach One Golf Rule of Etiquette

There are many unwritten rules in golf that are lumped into the term of etiquette. This seems to be a catchall term that enhances the golfing experience. If followed properly, great fun can be had on the links; if ignored, the four hours of bliss feel like torture! This might seem over the top, but I assure you it is not. I often wonder how some players learned the concept of etiquette because on the surface they seem to understand the concept, but as the day progresses it is obvious that their time on the links is all about them and them only.

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Don’t Worry All Golfers Struggle

There is no doubt in my mind that all golfers struggle. No matter how great or experienced of a player we are…..poor things happen from time to time. It is now the end of the world (no really it is not), but sometimes it sure feels that way. Regardless of your shot, it is important not to implode and to respond properly when the train runs off the rails.

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Improving My Golf Experiences

Yesterday, I wrote an article self-analyzing my 2020 golf season. Overall, my play was very good and stopped short about how to improve my golf experiences in 2021. Considering all the negative factors due to COVID-19, I would rate my golfing experience as well above average. The team at Osprey Links Golf Course were innovative, responsive, and courteous through the trying times and as a result had a very positive impact on how I felt about playing golf last season.

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The Best Time of Day to Play Golf

Despite what you may think, golfing at anytime of the day is awesome. However, I will admit that certain times that offer a more rewarding experience than others. This is purely subjective and who am I to tell you when is the best time for you. As for me, I have two times I enjoy the best and for different reasons. Continue reading

An Unexpected Surprise on the Golf Course

Grateful GolferYesterday, I was in Kingston, Nova Scotia, Canada, as part of my vacation. During our trip down memory lane, I took the opportunity to visit Paragon Golf and Country Club. This track has a special place in my heart because it was the home course of my Mom. She passed a few years ago, but my memory of playing golf with her is still very fresh! When my Mom passed, the family decided to donate a bench in her memory. So I thought I would take a picture while I was there.

When I arrived, I quickly popped into the Pro Shop and asked if I could head out and take some pictures of the course and the bench. Unexpectedly, but not being surprised at the Nova Scotia hospitality, Barb gave me a key to a cart and said to take my time. I will be posting the pictures and providing a review of this gem at a later date.

While cruising around the course, I happened across two older ladies enjoying their round. I patiently drove up behind them and asked if I could pass by because I was just taking some pictures. While starting to pass, Sue and Joan asked where I was from and the conversation started.

We stopped at the 14th tee (which is where my Mom’s bench was) and started to chat. These elderly ladies actually knew my Mom and played many rounds of golf with her. We talked for about 5 minutes and I explained that I was taking pictures for my blog and that I was on vacation. They asked when was the last time I played and I said about 3 weeks ago.

Suddenly, Joan asked if I wanted to hit a couple of balls off the tee. Never one to pass up the chance to hit golf balls, I happily agreed. First, both Sue and Joan split the middle of the fairway with their drives; so the pressure was on for me to do the same. Joan offered her driver and a couple of old balls and to the tee box I went.

Surprisingly, I crushed both balls down the middle of the fairway. During my swing, I slowed my tempo down considerably because the club had a very flexible shaft. After making solid contact, I was very pleased with the results. Picking up the tee, both ladies suggested they would use the balls I hit and laughed. After returning Joan’s club, the ladies waved good-bye as they drove off.

Meeting these ladies was a chance encounter that brightened my day. Both were fantastic to talk to and I was grateful for how positively they talked about my Mom. Thanks Sue and Joan for making this year’s trip to Paragon a memorable one.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!