Don’t Worry All Golfers Struggle

There is no doubt in my mind that all golfers struggle. No matter how great or experienced of a player we are…..poor things happen from time to time. It is now the end of the world (no really it is not), but sometimes it sure feels that way. Regardless of your shot, it is important not to implode and to respond properly when the train runs off the rails.

If you think that you sometimes you make wildly crazy, out of nowhere shots, take a look at what some professionals did at this year’s Masters:

Yes, everyone is fallible. There is no golfer alive that makes a great shot all the time. In my opinion, it is how we react to these difficult moments that determines what type of golfer we want to become. Personally, I try to put the shot out of my mind, I quietly berate myself for a moment, or I laugh. However, most of my reaction is internal and controlled.

I do not understand how reacting negatively or angrily can help our golf game. It is not a natural thing, nor does it make our game more fun. I realized that much of our reaction is rooted in our expectations, yet it is never helps blow a gasket. I don’t know, am I off base here?

Regardless, it is important to keep in mind that every player makes poor shots. Sometimes they come out of the blue and other times it is caused by other stressors. I have learned to live with my disappointments and also not to have a lasting negative impact on my golf game. Do you?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


6 thoughts on “Don’t Worry All Golfers Struggle

  1. Jim, it’s important to blow off some steam on occasion as long as you’re not damaging the course or your equipment. And you need to get over it quick, as you mention.

    Funny collection on the video. i keep thinking if Justin Thomas would quiet his feet down with the driver, he wouldn’t be so prone to wildness and could challenge DJ for world #1. There were no DJ cuts on that video too. He just played so well last week. Incredible.




    • Brian,

      We all have moments of frustration for sure; it is how we handle them that determines many aspects of our game. It is something I do try to show other golfers that control of our emotions is important as to not impact the entire group as well as ourselves. It was a lesson that took me a bit of time to learn.

      Cheers Jim

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  2. It’s a lesson we need to constantly remind ourselves about. That video is awesome by the way.

    I had a first today. I came around the corner to the back tee on the 17th and found myself staring at a good sized group of people line dancing on the tee box. By the time my mind could come to terms with what was in front of me, the group was already beginning to back out of the area so I ended up have to hit with a crowd watching to boot. Thankfully, I had a couple minutes wait for the green to clear before I had to hit or I probably would have duffed it. As it was, I got a cheer even though I came up just short of the green. I guess for them, just clearing the lake was good enough. And in truth, at that point in time, it was good enough for me too. 😂


    • Kevin,

      Well that is something I had never heard of before. Did this random group explain what they were doing? Impromptu crowds is something that I have never encountered….kind of funny actually. Well, at least you performed well under pressure.

      Cheers Jim


      • That tee box seems to have been added as an after thought. It’s off to the side of the rest of the course and the area is used by residents to fish and/or picnic around the lake. I’d not seen them dancing before but they often congregate just off the side of the tee box between it and the road. Usually they are 30 or so feet away at least and doing their own thing so I’d never paid them much attention until this happened.


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