What is Your Favourite Starting Hole?

Every golfer loves to start their round on a hole of a specific par. Some prefer a wide open tee shot or a short approach into the green. Regardless of your preference, there is a course out there that suits your desires. I have two stories about wonderful courses that offer unique challenges to my game. I loved playing both the courses, but to score well, I had get past the first hole in order to have a chance at shooting a low golf score.

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Playing Golf At Seguin Valley Golf Club

I am playing golf at Seguin Valley Golf Club on Tuesday. I have never played this track, but it comes highly recommended by some of the players I met during the Senior Men’s Ryder Cup matches last week. I am going down on Monday to stay overnight in one of the cabins to enjoy the entire Seguin Valley experience.

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Playing Golf on A Familiar Course

I was a way for work the past few days, but I did have the opportunity to play a round of golf at the old stomping grounds the Roundel Glen Golf Course. When I first walked into the pro shop I met with a couple familiar faces that made me feel right at home. I chatted with Kim and Mike, the faces of Roundel Glen, and caught up with all the happenings. Unfortunately, I did not see the course superintendent, Jeremy Sizer, to tell him that the course looked great.
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2016 – My Golf Year

The Grateful Golfer – 2016 Year in Review is not as positive as I had hoped. I looked back at my early articles and found that I did not set any hard goals to achieve. After a bit of introspection, I remember thinking that 2016 was a transition year in my life. So, I consciously decided not to add any additional pressure to my life and to enjoy my golfing year.

As in past years, I have one main golf of being a scratch golfer in mind! That has never changed and won’t for the foreseeable future. As I continue to work on my game, my intent is to change only those things that add benefit for reaching my main goal.

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Great Customer Service is What Makes a Great Golf Experience

Roundel Glen Logo (1)

Customer Service is critical to a fantastic golfing experience!

Customer service separates just playing golf from a great golfing experience! Most golfers remembers a golf course, but the real treasure is when they remember the golfing experience at a golf course.

You know what I mean. From the moment you drive on to the property until the time you leave, you are treated with respect and a feeling of welcome. Many large resorts bend over backwards to have everything at your fingertips. They have a large operating budget and you also pay for this type of quality service. However, the golfing experience I am referring too follows this same business model, yet on a smaller scale!

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