Playing Golf on A Familiar Course

I was a way for work the past few days, but I did have the opportunity to play a round of golf at the old stomping grounds the Roundel Glen Golf Course. When I first walked into the pro shop I met with a couple familiar faces that made me feel right at home. I chatted with Kim and Mike, the faces of Roundel Glen, and caught up with all the happenings. Unfortunately, I did not see the course superintendent, Jeremy Sizer, to tell him that the course looked great.

Looking Backwards on the 6th green at Roundel Glen Golf Course.

When I arrived, I only had time to chip and putt or hit a small bucket of balls. So I elected to chip and putt. Although I had not played in a week, I felt the my short game required the most attention. As it turned out, both areas needs lots of attention, but that is a topic for another day. When my old playing partner, Mike, showed up we quickly chatted and headed for the first tee. Mike introduced me to Tim, his friend, and we were all off for a great round of laughs and some good golf.

The first 6 holes were horrible. I felt like I was swinging my clubs with a life jacket on! I had not consistency, I was tight, and my follow through non-existent. But, I was golfing on a beautiful day with great company, so my mental attitude was very strong. After the first 8 holes, I was 8 over with 3 doubles. I struggled and could not seem to get anything going. I even had a double hit while chipping on the first hole (so much for practicing my short game).

It is funny, I commented that the first 8 holes were like the bucket of balls I should have hit to warm up before playing. However, I cannot lament about my choice. It is what it is.

On the par 5, 9th hole, something changed. all of a sudden my swing came back. It just showed up after a 1.5 hour nap and I started making solid contact in the direction I wanted. Additionally, my wedge play was meeting my expectation and I was zeroing in on the pin like I was in mid-season form.

As I navigated the last 10 holes, I only missed the fairway 2 times off the tee and was on in regulation 7 times. The sudden change in my game was like riding a roller coaster; the changes were fast and unexpected. As I continue to play, my game became stronger and as a result, my mental focus improved. At the end of the last 10 holes I was even par; 1 birdie, 1 bogey, and 8 pars. I actually had 5 legitimate opportunities for birdie and only made 1. My putting challenges will be fixed very soon after more practice.

My last round of golf was very interesting. It showed that my game is quickly coming back, yet reminded me that I still need to get out and practice. Now that the decent weather is here to stay, my golf season is really starting and I am excited to hit the links very soon.

How is your game this early in the season?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Playing Golf on A Familiar Course

  1. Jim,

    It can definitely be challenging heading out for a round without being warmed up. Some days are better than others depending how the body is feeling. Glad to hear you feel your game coming around…we’re really just scratching the surface on golf season so far!

    As far as my game, it was a bit of a slow start the first few rounds which can be expected, hit it well but didn’t score. My latest round I picked up some momentum – my instructor and I had our first competitive best-ball match. I managed to make 4 birdies and we closed out our opponents on the 14th hole…onto the next round!


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  2. Jim, like you, I’ve observed that when I play without warming up my full swing, it usually takes until the 4th hole for my body to respond to my brain’s requests. As I get older, hitting balls before I play is even more paramount. Given the choice you had, when I was younger, I’d have definitely chosen to chip and putt. Now, not so sure.

    My play is pretty solid right now. I’ve taken three of my four lessons and am reserving the last for a retrospective of my Myrtle Beach trip which is coming up at the end of the month.

    Struck it pretty good in the first tournament of the season last Thursday despite playing in 5 hours of steady rain. Good luck with your play and practice going forward!


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    • Brian

      Great to hear your game is coming along nicely. I think you are right about the bucket of balls. But I will not second guess my choice because it is not helpful. However, I can learn from my experience. Your trip to Myrtle Beach sounds great. I hope you do not run out of gas this year. I am looking forward to hearing about your adventure.


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