Early Season Focus: Improving My GIR

Early in each year, I like to find an area of my game to focus upon in order to have build the foundation for success. I have to admit, improving my GIR is rooted in last year’s goals and I want to continue to improve lowering my golf scores. Additionally, I have discussed this statistic with Brian Penn from All About Golf and we both agree that increasing our GIR percentage should be at the forefront of most golfers goals. Hence, GIR is my early season focus!

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GIR is What Most Golfers Prefer

I asked a question the other day about possible scenarios when hitting the ball close. It was quickly obvious that I skewed the question so that most respondents would choose an improved greens in regulation stat than any of the other selections. It makes complete sense to me, but only after I had sent the question out into the world. Continue reading

Does Good Putting Make a Difference in Golf

If you ask any pundit, they will recommend every golfer to practice putting. It is a game changer and considered the great equalizer. Most days, I would agree with that statement, however yesterday I found that my putting let me down. I did not three putt at all, but for some reason, I could not get the ball to drop. Continue reading

Playing Golf on A Familiar Course

I was a way for work the past few days, but I did have the opportunity to play a round of golf at the old stomping grounds the Roundel Glen Golf Course. When I first walked into the pro shop I met with a couple familiar faces that made me feel right at home. I chatted with Kim and Mike, the faces of Roundel Glen, and caught up with all the happenings. Unfortunately, I did not see the course superintendent, Jeremy Sizer, to tell him that the course looked great.
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Looking for Golf Drills on GIR

What does it take to make a good golfer great? As you read this question, something immediately to mind. For each of us, that special something is what we seek while practicing or playing. Knowing what is important to your game takes a bit of thought and introspection. It is something that examine on a routine basis, however in the off-season I take more time to look at all areas.

It is easy to grab the low hanging fruit and say I need to work on my putting or driving (and that is probably true, but don’t we all). I like to dig deeper and look for those couple of fixes that will help my overall game. It is the 20 / 80 rule that I use to improve my game. And this off-season I have already decided on my first order of focus next season. Continue reading