What Is Your Favourite Approach Distance To The Green

Hitting the ball on the green in regulation is the goal of every golfer. To accomplish this task, we think we need to be as close to the green as possible in order to make an easier approach shot. After years of trying different distances, I am not sure this is the case. For my game, I have a dead zone where I absolutely try to avoid as much as possible. It is that distance where my success rate of hitting the green diminishes because I have to manufacture a shot. I often wonder why players do not hit to a distance that works so they can create a natural, somewhat full swing. Well, the short answer is our lack of knowledge and understanding of what approach shots works best for our game. This challenge is a quick fix and one that every player can achieve the next time they step on to the links.

Every player has a favourite club for approach shots. You know, the one club you have total confidence when it is in your hand. Unfortunately, myself included, we overlook this weapon and try to whack the ball as far as possible all the time. It is fun to hit the long shot, however it does not always lead to lower golf scores. Actually, it generally hurts our game more than it helps.

I have learned to hit all my clubs in order to expand my choice of shots. After all the this work, I still have one club that works best and that is my pitching wedge. Any distance between 115 – 125 yards works best because I have total confidence to hit from that distance. The funny thing is that with every set of clubs I owned, that club changed. With my Mizuno MP20s, the PW is the club for me.

Knowing this information, it would be smart for me to hit to this distance more often than not, right? Unfortunately, not all holes are set up to allow me to hit to my prime distance. This is where course management plays a role in my game and I have to decide what distance is easiest for my next shot. This type of decision making changes each round because I rarely the same shot twice in a row, from the same position on the same hole. However, the thought process of hitting the ball to 115 – 125 yards is usually there. Taking advantage of this knowledge leads to lower golf scores and a smoother round of golf.

Playing to our strengths is important when playing golf. I try to hit to specific distances, positions on the fairway, and away for hazards as much as possible. I realize that I am talking about course management, but one of the often overlooked parts of my strategy is hitting to distance for approach shots. It is a game fault that I need to fix this year in order to lower my golf scores. We shall see if it works, but my logic is sound. I need to hit to an approach distance that I have the most confidence executing and 115 – 125 yards is that distance.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “What Is Your Favourite Approach Distance To The Green

  1. If I have to chose a favorite it’s going to be 70-80 yards because I’ve holed out most often from that distance with a gap wedge in my hand. But I don’t want one distance. I want 3. For each club in the bag. And I want overlap between them so I can call on a shot that flies high or a shot that flies low. With that, it doesn’t matter much what distance I shoot from unless it’s some feature of the course that is forcing the issue.

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    • Kevin,

      I agree with the three distances per club. However, that technique is for a more advanced player. For beginner, playing to their strengths, like hitting to a distance for approach shots, is the start of developing a successful golf game. As their game develops, more options will arise.

      Cheers Jim


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